Servamp | Anime Review

Why, hello there. Fancy meeting you here?

Over my many months of hiatus I have watched 7 anime. I meant to post sooner, but my anxiety got the better of me 🙂

I won’t make any promises, but I am writing up and scheduling reviews on these and am also gonna try to make 2 new pages. My anime TBW and Anime I’ve watched.

Servamp is abount a 15 year old boy called Mahiru Shirota. He likes to live life simply, even going so far as to try to do everything himself. Mahiru lives with his uncle after his mother passed away years prior, but his uncle is hardly ever around.

One day Mahiru picked up a black cat he believed to be a stray. He gave it the name Kuro.

On his way home from school, his good friend, and official “story teller” of their friend group, Sakuya tells him of rumors about a vampire that’s been attacking people.

Knowing better than to believe his wild story, Mahiru laughs it off and goes home.

There he finds out, rather comically, that the cat he took in is a vampire shut-in.

I’m not gonna go on any more on the plot, but let’s just say Sakuya knew what he was talking about.

Servamp is now in my top 10 favorite anime of all time. After finishing the anime, I read some of the manga. Although the anime did leave out stuff and switched others around, it’s still really good.

Age Rating- 16+

Lots of blood and violence. One character keeps trying to strip (never even gets his shirt off). Cussing.

Sub or Dub?

I’ve never seen any of the sub. I mainly started watching it because Tsubaki is voiced by Micah Solusod.

The dub is spectacular. Clifford Chapin did an amazing job with Mahiru.

1-10 Would I Recommend?


Amazing. I love how complex the characters are, and how it’s hard to decide which side is right or wrong.

Thank you for reading, I hope I did this show justice. Once I get my hands on the manga and finish it, I’ll review it too.


My 5 Favorite Book Series

Welcome back!

How are y’all doing?

I hope you’re ready for some book-ish chatter, cuz that’s what’s on the schedule for today!

These are my 5 favorite book series as of right now.

5. The Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Katheryn Lasky

My family has a thing about owls. So a series about owls was right up my alley.

I had originally seen the movie, and when I heard that there was a book seires, well…. let’s just say I went a little wild trying to find it.

This was before the days of thriftbooks, back when I had to make do with what I could find at various thrift stores or wait for the ebook to go on sale.

As of today, I have 1-5 and some of the side stories.

I also have a couple of the Horse of Dawn and Wolves of the Beyond.

4. The Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

I had a short phase where I was obsessed with spy stuff.

Young James Bond, I.Q, Alex Rider, amd The Gallagher Girls were some of the books I read then.

The Gallagher Girls was funny, intense, and had just the right amount of romance.

3. Septimus Heap by Angie Sage

A very underrated, unknown gem. The Septimus Heap series, amd the Toddhunter Moon series, are fantastic!

I grew up reading Harry Potter, and these books are like Harry Potter but better.

I’ll definitely be doing a reread soon.

2. Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz

Ah, Alex Rider.

My first taste of modern action books.

I had only ever gone for fantasy or medieval stories, but Horowitz changed that.

No matter how old I get, or how many times I read them, these books never get old!

1. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

And the number one place goes to……..


Because he is never second 😏

Lol, but seriously. I’m in tbe middle of reading them again, and it’s just as amazing as the first time.

It’s still as funny, as exciting, and as gripping as it was so many years ago.

And that was my 5 favorite book series.

What do you think?

What’s your favorite series?

TBR February-March 2021


What a surprise, I’m postong something other than anime crap!

One of my new years resolutions was to read more, so I thought it’d be a good idea to share some of the books I intend to read.

1. Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfeild

Sometime in January I bought a ton of books from a discount store in town. Most I really only bought for the covers, but Once Upon a River seemed like it would be a good read.

I don’t know much about it, but the summary sounded like a murder mystery.

And I’m always down for one of those!

2. Inheriting by Christopher Paolini

Years ago, I became obsessed with the Inheritance Cycle after my sister found the first two books at a thrift store. I finished them in a week.

It took a while, but I finally managed to get my hands of the last two. Brisingr was read in a matter of days, but I couldn’t make myself read Inheritance.

I don’t know why, but it felt like it was dragging on.

Well, I want to finally get it off my TBR once and for all!

Wish me luck?

3. Warriors: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter

I’d been wanting to read the Warriors series for a long time, but I couldn’t seem to find the first one anywhere.

Fast forward to January, my idiot self realized I did have it. I just thought it was one of the branch series.

I read it in a day, and have been putting off the second one until I could get the third (I also have the fourth and fifth already.)

4. Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles by Thomas Lennon

The summary is like if Lemony Snicket and Eoin Colfer co-wrote a book.

Definitely high on the list.

5. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I found a matching set of this series at one of my favorite thrift stores for about $8.

I’d never heard anything about, except what people I knew had told me.

It’s not very high on the list, but I would like to be able to say I read it.

Pillage by Obert Skye

This has been sitting on my shelf for years. I’ve read a few books in the Leven Thumps series, so when I saw Pillage I just added it to my collection. I’ve never really had any intention of reading it, but that’s changed.


Need I say more?

I think 6 is enough for now. I’ll do more once I’ve crossed some off the list.

What books are you planning on reading?

Charlotte Anime Review

Hey guys! Up till now, I’ve been reviewing anime that have pretty high ratings with me.

But today I’m going to be reviewing one that’s not so great (to me).

Charlotte started out a solid 10.

Kids with super powers go to a special school to protect them from scientists, government officials, and others that would want to use or hurt them.

These powers disappear once they become adults.

The main character is a self-centered guy who used his power (being able to possess someone for a few seconds) to cheat his way into a good school, get a girlfriend, and many more things.

He is quickly found by the student council of the previously mentioned school and taken there, along with his younger sister.

The earlier episodes were them searching for more of these super kids before they’re found by the bad guys.

It went downhill around episode 8-9.

The ending felt rushed and sloppy, they packed too much into a few short episodes.

And honestly? I don’t like the way it ended. It was corny and boring.

Age Rating- 16+

Lots of blood, swearing, and partial nudity. And some mature-ish jokes.

Sub or Dub?

I watched the whole thing in dub, but I have seen some scenes from the sub.

Both seem good.

1-10 Would I Recommend?


Like I said, the ending was really bad.

But other than that, I enjoyed it.

Once again, thanks for reading!

Let me know what kind of posts you would like to see here, I’m fresh out of ideas.

Hinamatsuri Anime Review

I had never heard anything about Hinamatsuri before watching it, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

But boy, am I glad I started it!

I had had a hankering for a good comedy, so I just looked through that genre for something, anything, to satisfy it.

And Hinamatsuri was there.

The description reminded me a bit of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, but with an adopted dad (I have a soft spot for those).

I finished it in 2-3 days.

The show is about Hina and Nitta. Hina has telekinetic powers and shows up in Nitta’s apartment encased in a metal egg. After getting Nitta to open it and let her out, she begins demanding he feed her. He refuses, asking who she is and where she came from.

Now, Nitta collects many rare, expensive vases. Hina decides to use them to get what she wants.

By smashing some.

Afraid she’ll break even more, Nitta agrees to let her stay.

Hinamatsuri follows Hina going to school, trying to get Nitta a date, and making friends.

It also has a homeless telekinetic girl, a middle school bartender, and a conspiracy nut.

All in all, it was incredibly entertaining.

Age Rating- 13+

Some nudity, a “girly club”, and lots of drinking, smoking, and a little violence.

I don’t remember much cussing.

1-10 Would I Recommend?



Thanks for reading!

What kind of posts would you like to see in the future?

I don’t want my blog to only be reviews 😅

Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) Anime Review

I only watched the first season of Kekkai Sensen, the second was a bit too much for me.

Kekkai Sensen is about a boy called Leonardo Watch who possesses a pair of extraordinary eyes. He lives in a place known as Hellsalem’s Lot, formerly part of NYC.

Hellsalem’s Lot is home to many different creatures, human and alien. And while most just want to lead normal lives, there are some who are bent on causing mass mayhem and destruction.

Leonardo quickly falls into a group of people who each have powers and gifts that help them to keep these troublemakers somewhat in check.

This group is called Libra and they are one of the most dysfunctional “families” ever.

There’s Zapp, a drunkard who is afraid of commitment (his relationships never last more than a night).

Klaus, the leader, is a kind man, but a brutal fighter who doesn’t pull punches. (He’s like the mother of the group)

Steven is a seemingly calm and businesslike man who has known Klaus for a while. (He’s the father of the group 🤣)

And a few others, I’m too lazy to do more. These are just my faves.

Age Rating- 16+

Some hanky-panky type stuff (not bad til the second season), partial nudity, LOTS of cussing, and it’s very violent.

Sub or Dub?

I watched it in both, and both were great.

I do prefer the dub. Mainly because lots of my favorite VAs are in it. Ian Sinclair (Zapp), J. Michael Tatum (Steven), Aaron Dismuke (Leo), Micah Solusod (Black), and Josh Grelle (Femt).

1-10 Would I Recommend?


Would be higher if there wasn’t so much yuck. The plot was great, as were the characters and animation.

Have you seem Kekkai Sensen? What did you think?

If not, did this review pique your interest?

Thanks for reading!

The Fandom Tag

Good day to you! Welcome back! It’s so lovely to see you again.

It’s been a while since I did a tag, so I went digging for one. This seemed like something I could do.

The Rules

  1. Include the graphic somewhere in your post!
  2. Answer the questions!
  3. Tag two fangirls (or boys, I suppose!)


Hmmmm, probably The Lord of the Rings. I’ve been watching the movies for as long as I can remember.

And the people in the fandom are super sweet and chill.


Eh, I don’t really seek out others who like the same things as me. But I have started looking at Kekkai Sensen memes and stuff.


Eragon or Fullmetal Alchemist.

Both have so many feeeeeeeellllllllssssssss


I don’t exactly have a “guilty pleasure” fandom, but I guess the closest thing would be Pokemon.

Everyone I knew growing up told me it was evil and demonic.

I have lots of the DS games and a couple books, it’s never made me feel off.


Well, I’m a part of these- Furries, Attack on Titan, Dr Who, Sherlock, and Hunter x Hunter

Have you seen the memes and edits these freaks do? Me, I’m these freaks.


Naruto, Sherlock, and Attack on Titan.


Artemis Fowl.

Hands down.

Amazing books.

The movie never happened.



I run an incorrect Nanbaka account on Twitter and Instagram. The people I’ve met through this fandom have been the best, and the show/manga are just as great.

I find myself rewatching Nanbaka when I’m stressed or upset.


Star Wars

I can’t stand Star Wars, Star Trek is way better.

But my younger brother is obsessed with Star Wars.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

They’re by far the best characters in anything I’ve ever watched/read.


RoyxRiza from FMA

ArtemisxHolly from the Artemis Fowl series

Or YonaxHak from Yona of the Dawn


I don’t wait to join a fandom. If it catches my eye, I’m in it.

Thanks for reading!

I’m not gonna tag anyone, but feel free to do this tag if you like!

School Babysitters Anime Review

I have finished a fair number of anime so far this year, so get ready for quite a few reviews 😌

I was needing something light and funny to watch, and School Babysitters (or Gakuen Babysitters) seemed like a good fit.

It was much deeper then I expected and I ended up crying, laughing, and genuinely loving the characters.

I don’t think it’s possible to dislike anyone in this show, they’re all just so wonderful!

School Babysitters is about two brothers, Kotaro (the baby) and Ryuichi. After their parents passed away, they were taken in by the head of a school. Immediately Ryuichi is told that he must work in the schools daycare before and after classes.

There are 5 other kids in the daycare that quickly give Ryuichi a run for his money.

Age Rating- 13+

Although I do think it’s appropriate for all ages, 13+ is the official rating.

There is some mild blood (nosebleed), a misunderstanding, and other things. Nothing too bad.

1-10 Would I Recommend?

Yet another solid 10.

I recently finished 4 other animes, so I’ll be working on writing up those reviews. And a January wrap up and a couple book reviews.

I’ve been pretty busy 😅

January Wrap-Up

January seemed to last a lifetime. But now it’s over, and it’s time to look back on what I did in the past month!

I didn’t post at all in January, but I had some family stuff going on.

Books I Read

One of my new years resolutions was to read more. And I’ve been working hard on it!

Ever After High: A Semi-Charming Kind of Life by Suzanne Selfors

Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

The Player King by Avi

It’s not a lot, but I’ve read more the past month than in half of last year!

Animes I Finished

Zombieland Saga S1

School Babysitters


Isekai Quartet

Mushi-Shi S1

Kekkai Sensen S1

I bought a lot of books, but I can’t remember which ones. About 40-ish?

And that’s all.

Thanks for reading!

I look forward to what February has in store!

Zombieland Saga Anime Review

Hello! I recently finished Zombieland Saga. Which means- ANIME REVIEW TIME!

I don’t typically go for girly, idol shows. But I’m really glad I did this time. It was way better then I expected 🙂

The story follows the group Franchouchou and their founder, Kotaro Tatsumi, as they try to revive Saga Prefecture.

The idol group consists of 7 people- Sakura Minamoto, Yuigiri, Ai Mizuno, Junko Konno, Tae Yamada, Saki Nikaido, and Lily Hoshikawa.

Age Rating- 16+

Violence, partial nudity, lots of cussing.

Sub or Dub?

I watched it in dub, and it was pretty good. I haven’t heard any of the sub…..

1-10 Would I Recommend?

Definitely a 10/10.

Definitely worth a watch!

Thanks for reading!!

Talentless Nana Eps 12-13 Review

The following post is full of feels!!!



Why must they do this????

My heart has been shattered, smashed to a trillion pieces.


The last two episodes were great!

Very emotional.

Idek, I almost broke down crying.

I highly recommend this series, it’s by far the best show of 2020.

From start to finish the show has been incredible! Every episode brought something new, but it wasn’t too fast paced. The characters were all unique and interesting.

10/10 would recommend it.

Just be sure to bring some tissues!

Talentless Nana Anime Review (Episodes 1-11)

Talentless Nana (Munou Na Nana) is an incredible psychological thriller that is (so far) on par with Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)!

Its started out similar to My Hero Academia, but quickly evolved into something closer to And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

Oooh, man. This show has kept me on my toes since episode 1!

Fans of Death Note, Erased, and mysteries in general will love this show.

I really don’t understand why it gets so much hate! The plot is good, the characters are great, and the art style is BEAUTIFUL.

I can’t wait for the last 2 episodes 😤

Age Rating- 13+

Pretty violent, with disturbing images, gore, and whatnot.

Some partial nudity and “grown up” themes. Nothing too bad, tho.

1-10 Would I Recommend?

Definitely a solid 8.

I just hope it keeps going well……

And boom!

That’s all. I’ll do a review for the last 2 episodes when they’re out.

What do y’all think about Talentless Nana? Personally, I feel like it’s the best of 2020 so far.

Books I’ve Read in 2020

You’d think that being home 24/7 for months on end would have you devouring books nonstop.

Nope! I’ve hardly read anything 😀

Even so, here is a list of what I have read.

(This list will include manga!)

The list-

All The lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn

Deap and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn

The Doll Graveyard by Dan Poblocko

Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol. 1-3 by Yoshiki Tanaka

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

And that’s it! I plan on reading a lot more next year (I have tons on my TBR 🙃).

Thanks for reading guys!


4 Underrated Animes You Should Watch

4. Laughing Under The Clouds

I’ve only seen 3-4 episodes so far, but I love it! My younger sister recommended it to me (and threatened to burn my books if I watched any more before she could finish it. But I might just have to risk it if she doesn’t hurry.)

3. Psychic Detective Yakumo

Ah yes. That one show I won’t shut up about.

Well, get used to it! This is an amazing show about a guy who can see “ghosts” and his girlfriend solving mysteries.

2. Nanbaka

If you like sparkly prisons and dudes who paint their nails, then you’ll love Nanbaka!

But seriously, its an incredible comedy.

Watch it. Now.

1. Alice and Zouroku

I accidentally stumbled upon this adorable show while looking for something new to watch. I have yet to finish it, but now that I’ve finished HxH it’s probably gonna happen soon.

Basically, its about a magical girl who gets adopted by a gruff old man after she annoys the crap out of him.

Hunter x Hunter | Anime Review

Hello again. I hope you’re ready for some more anime! (And if not, too bad!)

I finally did it. I finished HxH. All 148 episodes.

The show starts as a lighthearted adventure anime centered around Gon Freecs and his three friends Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, as they begin their journey to become Hunters.

However, it quickly becomes darker.

There were times it made me laugh, and times it made me cry.

There’s not a single character in this show that I don’t love, they’re all so complex and deep.

Age Rating- 16+

Very violent, some suggestive scenes, and disturbing images.

Violence level is about the same as the Lord of the Rings movies.

Suggestive Content is about the same as Lost.

Sub or Dub?

Its impossible for me to pick! I love both!

1-10 Would I Recommend?


And there we go. That’s my thoughts on the Hunter x Hunter anime.

I will probably do another review for the Manga when I finish the available chapters.

And remember!

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