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Meme Monday #47


What? Oh yeah! I have a blog!


I am back!!! For the past however long I’ve been gone I have been in a MEGA reading/writing/blogging slump. And also an anti-social slump. Idk.

I went to the night services of church camp and made some new friends.


Ahem. Well. I turn 17 in less then 2 weeks. That’s new.

For my birthday I’m doing a Truth or Dare video on YouTube. (It’s also celebrating the fact that I have over 100 subs, but whatever)

Just comment your questions or dares.


See y’all Monday?


BC #1

Hello hello!

Its good to see y’all again, I’ve missed being on here for hours on end…..

Earlier today I was getting DW to go to sleep and while doing so I was checking my blog notifications and reader. (This was the first time in about a month, BTW.) And I noticed that everyone had been productive during my hiatus. Well done, you all made me feel guilty enough to sit down and write a post.

I was fine with be lazy and doing nothing but eat, sleep, and read.

Anyway. Today I’m going to tell y’all a little about my newest project.

I’ll call it BC for now (that’s the main characters initials).

Its set in Texas, New York state, and Montenegro.

The main character is a teenage girl whos whole family was murdered and she was blamed for it. So she escapes from the agent who started the blame and is living on the streets of the Dallas Fort Worth area when a man comes after her.

Thats about as far as I’ve got with the writing part, so we’ll stop here.

It has 2 1/2 thousand words and its actually forcing me to do research. I’m planning on writing more after I do the dishes, so there. Take that procrastination! I told everyone my plans so I have to stick to it!

Ooooh! I’m gonna set a word goal for today!

Todays goal is to write another 2000 words. That might not sound like much to some of you, but for me to write 2k in a day is huge. I’ve only ever done it twice before, and both times it was The Oldest Waterpark EVER!!!


Oh, before I go I need to tell you about my most recent project- The Study Couple

Its a short story with only 300 or so words, but everyone says its really good. Which I doubt. But still.

I’m thinking about copyrighting it and putting on here for anyone to read for free.

What do y’all think?

Love, Alex C.


DW Charming was born early Wednesday morning. He’s 11 pounds and 10 ounces. I was actually present at the birth, and I must say THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!

I still want kids though.

Anyway. Mom gonna be bedridden for a while, so I doubt I’ll be able to post often. But I’ll try!

The rest of us are tired and brain dead, but other then that we’re all good.

Important Announcement!


It was awesome! Mason and Gayle loved it, and every single one of us can quote the whole movie!

Love y’all!



Waiting on Baby

Hey guys.

Life has pretty much come to a stand-still here. We’re waiting on the new baby (he’s 5 days over due) and have been stuck in the house for the past month or so.

On the upside (lol), I’ve started a new project. No details yet, but it has 2250 or so words. I’m really excited about this one!

Another good thing-

I’ve added about 100 new books to my collection since my last post!

The library book sale was a couple weeks ago and I got 30 then, some from our local thrift stores, and last night we went to the new Half Priced Books nearby. At least I won’t be bored waiting for the baby.

My computer stopped working on the internet, so I’ll probably be posting from this IPad for a while.

Well, that’s it! Love y’all!


A Job, a Blog, and a Teen Walk into a Bar…


No, this isn’t a joke. That is literally my life right now.

Yep. I got a job. yay.


I work 4 days a week and earn 8 bucks an hour. Which I guess is ok, but I don’t have time to do much besides work, dishes, and God only knows what other chores my mom has me do. So, blogging, reading, and pretty much every thing else have been shoved to the back burner till further notice.

Not that I’m not reading. I’ve read like 15-20 books so far this year. And I’ve bought 70. So books aren’t really shoved that far.

I’ve also become obsessed with a game called MovieStarPlanet. It’s actually really fun, you get to dress up a little avatar, trade with people, and go shopping. My acc is AdrianMcCoy. (Ya know, if any of you guys play…)

AND!!! My tablet is broken, so until I get it fixed Some Semi-Charming Sims will have to be put on hold.


This is our evil cat. She’s actually much bigger now.

All my bookshelves.


Some of what I got for Christmas.


We finally watched Ragnarok. Mason and Gayle LOVE it. Mason’s favorite is Loki and he told me that Loki had fixed Mjolnir for Thor. BTW awesome movie.

I’m halfway through season 8 of Supernatural.

And that’s it! I think? I’ll do a book haul on ACB soon.

Love y’all!!!


We are Iced In!!!

Yep. It’s 22 degrees right now and it snowed. Not much, but it’s more than we’ve seen in years.


Anyway, the roads are iced over and our van won’t start. We’re stuck here. Together. For a loooooong time. Again.


But hey! On the upside we’re all feeling better! AND I’ve read like five books already this year, I have more time to write, and we completely redid the kitchen, so now I don’t have to bend in half to wash dishes!

Wow, look at me, being a little optimist.

My dad just walked into the kitchen saying “Hey, I have to go to work now.” And mom and Xander just laughed.

And then Xander said (imitating someone calling mom) “Um, your husband is making snow angels in a ditch.”

Which made my dad do his drunk dolphin laugh.

The one downside to being stuck here is that the antenna stopped working and my sibs say it’s all my fault that they can’t watch their Vietnamese soap opera.

But I’m like “Y’all don’t speak Vietnamese!” Yet every single one, from Xander down through Mason will sit and watch it.

Oh, I cut my hair again! .) My mom also bought me a dark green dress at Cato. I wanted to get a dark green Dean-looking coat that I could wear under my trench coat and be the ULTIMATE WINCHESTER!!!!!!

But, sadly, even on sale it was 25 bucks. *Sigh*

LOTT post breaker

M’k, story time!

Last Wednesday, in Youth, my youth paster (lets call her Dixie) split us up into teams of three. Our goal was to make a tower using just newspaper and tape that would support an egg. The tallest tower wins.

So I got paired with two boys (Trump, a Hispanic boy who loves to make people laugh, and Smooth, who thinks he’s irresistible. [I grew up with both of them, btw]) They were freaking out cause they didn’t really know what to do. After about five minutes of mulling this idea over, I spoke up,

“What if we tape the egg to the ceiling and build the tower up to it?”

They looked like two year old set loose in a candy/toy store with no supervision.

They started squealing and rolling up newspaper and making a tower of funnels. We made it almost to the ceiling before Dixie called that we only had a minute or so left. So they used strips of tape to anchor the egg and set it in a nook near the top.

Long story short, we won.

Not only did we win, we were the only ones with newspaper left. So, naturally, I took one of each kind. Cause, ya know, I’m secretly an old lady in disguise.

But Ginger was FURIOUS! He kept saying we cheated, so we took down the tape the tower stayed up.

And that’s all!

Love y’all! Stay warm!

(My Alex thing isn’t working, so-)

Alex C.

Can’t Wait for 2017 to be over!


How are ya’ll doing? I hope you’re doing better then us. My entire family has walking pneumonia, so we’ve been stuck in the house for two weeks.

There’s also something else, but I don’t really want to say. Bob died a few weeks ago. We aren’t sure why he died, he seemed to be doing really well. My mom took it really hard, she kinda considered him to be one of her kids.

BUT! There is one good thing!

My mom is pregnant!!! Again!!!

We’ve already been to see our midwife, and its a BOY!!!


We’re all so super excited! And he’s already moving around a lot.

LOTT post breaker

Bye and Merry Christmas!!!


Inside Out Book Tag

Heyo peoples!!!

I know it’s been awhile since I did a tag here. Now, I’d like to thank Sam@RiverMooseReads for tagging me.


(Sam used this and I really like it, so we’ll use it.)

A book that brings you JOY


I just bought this is paperback Tuesday. I actually squealed out loud in The Salvation Army…



You’ll know if you’ve read it, if not I ain’t gonna ruin it for ya.



I wanted to like this, I really did. But the style was just awful, and the cussing was almost as bad.



My cousin gave this to me a few years ago, and I literally threw up.



A good scared, though. I should probably reread this soon……

LOTT post breaker

I’ll leave this open. Cuz I’m still lazy as ever!