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4 Underrated Animes You Should Watch

4. Laughing Under The Clouds

I’ve only seen 3-4 episodes so far, but I love it! My younger sister recommended it to me (and threatened to burn my books if I watched any more before she could finish it. But I might just have to risk it if she doesn’t hurry.)

3. Psychic Detective Yakumo

Ah yes. That one show I won’t shut up about.

Well, get used to it! This is an amazing show about a guy who can see “ghosts” and his girlfriend solving mysteries.

2. Nanbaka

If you like sparkly prisons and dudes who paint their nails, then you’ll love Nanbaka!

But seriously, its an incredible comedy.

Watch it. Now.

1. Alice and Zouroku

I accidentally stumbled upon this adorable show while looking for something new to watch. I have yet to finish it, but now that I’ve finished HxH it’s probably gonna happen soon.

Basically, its about a magical girl who gets adopted by a gruff old man after she annoys the crap out of him.

Hunter x Hunter | Anime Review

Hello again. I hope you’re ready for some more anime! (And if not, too bad!)

I finally did it. I finished HxH. All 148 episodes.

The show starts as a lighthearted adventure anime centered around Gon Freecs and his three friends Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, as they begin their journey to become Hunters.

However, it quickly becomes darker.

There were times it made me laugh, and times it made me cry.

There’s not a single character in this show that I don’t love, they’re all so complex and deep.

Age Rating- 16+

Very violent, some suggestive scenes, and disturbing images.

Violence level is about the same as the Lord of the Rings movies.

Suggestive Content is about the same as Lost.

Sub or Dub?

Its impossible for me to pick! I love both!

1-10 Would I Recommend?


And there we go. That’s my thoughts on the Hunter x Hunter anime.

I will probably do another review for the Manga when I finish the available chapters.

And remember!

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 10










#1- The Ancient Magus Bride Op 1 (Extended)

(Here by Juna)

Well, that’s my 10 favorite openings of all time!

Thanks for sticking around, and let me know what you think of this list and if you’ve ever seen any of these!

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 9

Day 9!!!! Just one more till yall get to see my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

But lets not get ahead of ourselves……

We still have this amazing opening. (I adore the full version!)

#2- Parasyte Op

(Let Me Hear by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 8

Its almost done. Almost…….

#3- Psychic Detective Yakumo Op

(Key by Ono Daisuke)

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 6

Man, already more than halfway through? How time flies!

#5- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Op 4

(Period by Chemistry)

5 Horror Animes You Need to Watch!

Heyooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!Good day to you, my fine fellow weebs! (or Otakus, which ever you prefer)I’m in the mood to share some of my favorite horror animes!

#1- Psychic Detective Yakumo

Yakumo is a young man with a red eye that can see the spirits of those no longer living. Like Sixth Sense.I’ve only watched 3-4 episodes, but I love it so far!Plot and characters are solid.

#2- Another

If you like buckets of blood, ghosts, suspense, and outlandish deaths, then Another is just the thing for you!But seriously, this is the show that made me afraid of umbrellas…..

#3- Monster

No magic, no ghosts, just a psychopath living it up by ripping your heart out.ALL HE WANTED WAS A CLOCK!!! WHY?!?!?!I’ve only seen an episode and reach one volume of the manga, but it’s really good!

#4- Parasyte

Think Venom, but it’s restricted to just your hand.Izumi’s life has really changed since he met his little ‘friend’.This is the perfect show to watch when you’re home alone at night.

#5- Shiki

Ah yes. My favorite horror, ever. I still get nightmares from this.Here’s the review I wrote.

So that’s 5 horror anime you need to watch!Thanks for stopping by!

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 5

#6- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Op 3

(Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch)

Shiki| Anime Review


I’m back with another anime review. This time I am delving into a horror, so please be careful.

(I asked my sister how to describe Shiki, and she said “The only good horror anime, ever.”)

Shiki are vampires. Ya know, pale skinned, drink blood, burn in sunlight, etc.

This show is set in Sotoba, a small, secluded village in Japan. The main characters are Natsuno Yuuki, Megumi Shimizu, Sunako Kirishiki, Toshio Ozaki, and Seishin Muroi.

This story is incredible. It’s not black and white. There are no heroes, no villians. It’s all up to you to decide who you think is right. The Shiki or the humans……

Age rating- 13+

Very violent, scary, and there is one character (female) who is not dressed appropriately sometimes.

The violence is very graphic, lots of blood and gore.

Anything innapropriate?

That one chick, mentioned above, is just about it. Lots if cussing, but not worse than a Marvel movie.

Theres a few innuendos.

Sub or Dub?

Again, I love them both.

But dub wins, mainly because 4 of my favorite VAs are in it.

Natsuno (Jerry Jewell)

Seishirou (J. Michael Tatum)

Masao (Todd Haberkorn)

Tatsumi (Ian Sinclair)

1-10 Would I recommend?


Thanks for reading!

Have some Tatsumi!!!

I hope you have a wanderfull day!

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 4

#7- Shiki Op 1

(Kuchizuke by Bucktick)

My Favorite Anime Openings | Day 3

Whoa! I’m actually back for the third day in a row????


#8- Hunter x Hunter Op 3

(Departure! by Masatoshi Ono)

My Top 10 Favorite Anime Openings | Day 2

Another day, another anime. Lol.

Anyways, welcome back to my miniseries. I hope you guys are liking it so far. It doesn’t really matter if you are, since this is my blog and all, I just thought I’d be polite.

#9- Dororo Op 1

(Kaen by Ziyoou-vachi)

My Top 10 Favorite Anime Openings | Day One

Hey guys! Welcome back to my little corner of weirdness.As a way of celebrating the new year, I’d like to share my favorite anime openings. OneThese will be spaced out over the next 10 days, so keep an eye out!

#10- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Op 1

(Again by Yui)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood | Anime & Manga Review


How’re yall?

Today I’m gonna be reviewing the manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood for the anime, I haven’t seen the 03 version).

(Here you can see the manga I own. 1&2 and 13-27. Plus a little Sparky Sparky Boom Man.)

Ok. I’m gonna try to stay calm, but this is literally my favorite series EVER.

The plot is basically this-

2 brothers try to bring their mom back to life using Alchemy (which is illegal, btw) and fail miserably.

The older brother, Ed just loses his arm and leg, but Al, the younger brother, loses his entire body. So Ed binds his soul to a suit of armor in order to save him.

Skip a bit and Ed is now the youngest state Alchemist in the country. The brothers are trying to find a way to get their bodies back, so they start looking for the Philosopher’s Stone.

The manga starts in Liore (or Reole). Where Ed and Al find a man using Alchemy to trick people into following him.

The anime starts with Ed and Al in Central. They are tasked with capturing Isaac Mcdougal, the Freezing Alchemist, who has made it his mission to take down Fuhrer Bradley.

I can’t express just how much I love this series!

The characters are so well-rounded and real.

The plot is engaging, intracate, and will keep you on your toes!

Age rating- 13+

It’s very violent and can get pretty dark sometimes.

There’s parts based off of WW2.

Anything innapropriate?

Not really. There’s 1 shower scene, but it’s actually plot relavent and doesn’t show anything indecent. (It’s Riza Hawkeye, and it’s to show her back. You’ll understand later.)

Sub or Dub?

I love both, but I prefer Dub.

A lot of my favorite VAs are in it. Like Eric Vale (Solf J. Kimblee), J. Michael Tatum (Scar), Todd Haberkorn (Ling), Jerry Jewell (Barry the Chopper), and many others!

1-10 Would I recommemd?


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you’ve seen FMA/B or read the manga.

And definetally let me know if you plan on watching it!

See ya!

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