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“Good morning”


Hey! Guess what! I’ve been blogging for TWO YEARS already, and I’m turning 16 on August 12. So, how will we celebrate? With an amazing Q/A post on my birthday! If you have any questions for me head here. Last year I got some pretty amazing questions, I would love to have even better ones this time around. They can be serious, goofy, or somewhere in between! Come on, I’m really looking forward to it!


Mind Palace? Pssshhh! I Have a Mind Library, Peasant!


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Hello, and welcome back to Lordofthetrekkies!

Today I will be telling you a little about what goes on behind the scenes of my gorgeous face. Introducing-


My Mind Library

Yep. While other people have Mind Palaces, Attics, or whatever else is you weirdos are calling it, I have a library.

Not like an organized, regularly dusted, public library. More like that room in your great-grandma’s house that no one wants anything to do with so that keep it locked, never bother re-shelving anything, and only dust it once every ten years or so.

Lets imagine a huge room, so big you can’t see the ceiling or far walls, with rows and rows of shelves. And each shelf is full to bursting with various books, scrolls, binders, files, scraps of random paper, and anything else that can be used to store information (except electronics, nothing high-tech in here). Got a clear picture? Okay. Now, add countless stacks of even more of the afor mentioned materials strewn all over the floor and other furniture (such as tables, armchairs, coffee machines, snack bars, and the occasional canopy bed). Everything is coated in dust and nothing is where it’s supposed to be. Also, there might be quite a few “people” in there. I’m not really sure what all there is up here…

As you have probably guessed, I’m very forgetful and absent-minded. It takes a while to remember anything, and I’m easily distracted.

LOTT post breaker

Well, that’s that! I hope y’all enjoyed reading about the inside of my head.



My YouTube Channel

Hey guys! I’m sorry for not posting in a while. I am kinda having to take a break from the internet. I might be able to do a post a month, maybe. Anyway-

finally got a video up after having made an account/channel back in May. You can watch it here. And my channel is here. I only have one video up, but I’m working on another.

That’s it. Love y’all, good luck going back to school!!!


My Sweet 16!!!

Yep, I’m turning 16 this Saturday! Me and my family are going up to Arlington and the surrounding area. Our plans are to visit the Fort Worth zoo, have lunch at Pappadeaux’s, and then head to the Texas Thrift Store. If any of you live in that area, and don’t have anything better to do, I’ll be wearing my fedora-

I will also try to wear this outfit. The jeans are ripped at the knees, and the purse is now pretty worn out. Anyway, we’ll be at the zoo early, maybe around 10-12 am. Pappadeaux’s 12-3 pm, maybe. And Texas Thrift Store anytime after that. We might head over to the Half-Price Books across the street. But, I would love to meet y’all!

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You know that Q/A post I’ve been raving about? Yeah, I’m going to be doing a video instead of a written post! I might also be vlogging in the near future, so I’m very excited!!! I don’t have enough questions yet, so please head over here to question me on my life choices and other things.

I’m so excited!!!!!!!



My Nine Lovely Sims


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Hello, and welcome to another Sims update!!!

In my last update, I told you about my first two Sims- Sam and Thomas Harrison (they are now married and have a child).

Now that it’s been about a week, I thought it would be nice to tell you about how things are going.

My town is worth 501,511 Simoleons and has-

  1. 5 houses (all of which are occupied)
  2. a park
  3. a fire station
  4. the career and hobby shop
  5. kids store
  6. an art gallery
  7. a police station
  8. a stable
  9. and a real estate agency

I have 7,871 Simoleons and 13 Lifestyle Points, so I guess I’m doing pretty well.

Now, to the Peoples of Alexville!!!

I now have 9 Sims-

First up is Jumper and Calypso Smith-

They live in a pretty nice house, Calypso is a level 3 police officer, and Jumper is halfway to being a level 2 artist. They’re doing well, I suppose.


Next up is Ann and Ian Walker-

These two live in the second nicest house in town. Ian is a Real Estate Agent (level 2) and Ann is an Artist (level 2). They are waiting for their first child to arrive, still over 23 hours to go.

Now, Sam, Aydyn, and Thomas Harrison-

The Harrisons live in the nicest house I have. Aydyn is still a baby, but Sam is baking a birthday cake (still 23 and a half hours). Both Thomas and Sam are level 1 Firefighters.

Cassien Hunter-

He lives by himself in a nice house. He’s also a level three police officer. There’s not really much to say about him…

Dan Howell-

Yes, I named a Sim after Dan. He also lives alone, I haven’t been able to make a Phil yet, and doesn’t have a job.

So yeah, there’s an update on my Sims. I’m working on the “Complete Home Take Over” and the “It’s All Going Swimmingly” quests. I completed the weekly quest (somehow) and bought 40 Lifestyle Points. 

LOTT post breaker


That’s all!

I have to go to a church event tonight at our local “duck park” and my crush will be there. The event is three days long and today is the second day. Yesterday was sooooo embarrassing. I found out that I can’t flirt. But, fortunately, neither can my crush. We are both so hopeless. And Xander isn’t helping. She keeps giggling and poking fun at us (very loudly and obviously). She has promised to leave us alone tonight, so I won’t have to deal with Harry-


That is exactly what it’s like. She knows that we like each other, and enjoys seeing us uncomfortable. Of course, I now know the Identity of her crush, so I can (and have) use this to my advantage.

So, I’ll try to post again soon. (Maybe about how tonight goes?)





Y’all need to read this…..

Who doesn’t love Beauty and the Beast? Well…let’s clarify. Because there are quite a few Beauty and the Beasts out there today. You have the classic 1991 animated Disney film (which is just iconic, let’s be honest); the original fairy tale (was it a Grimm’s fairy tale? Or a Hans Christen Anderson one?? Or somehow […]

via Much More Than This Poor Provincial Script {And Other Storytelling Lessons from Beauty

My Two Very Lovely Sims

Yes, I play the Sims. *Hangs head in shame* I have it on it on my kindle.

I re-downloaded it yesterday and now have two Sims- Samantha and Thomas. They aren’t married yet, I’m only on level 6. I’m done with all the quests until the next level, so it’s going pretty slow. I’ll keep y’all updated!


Just me griping and whining. Nothing important.

Hey guys! So far I am failing at everything this year (yar? Please cooperate, brain). I haven’t been working on The Oldest Waterpark EVER!!!, I haven’t been keeping up with school, blogging, or anything else. All I want to do is be a potato, sitting on the floor, eating salty foods, and watching AmazingPhil on Youtube. All. Day. Long. And I did just that on Wednesday.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but I had to go on a very strict diet. Like, for most meals all I eat is an avocado. It’s awful. I’ve been doing this for almost two weeks and I am constantly hungry. Now, the reason for this diet is that I kept over-eating. I ate so much that I made myself sick. Of course, it didn’t help that I was eating crap foods. Pizza, soda, just all kinds of fatty, greasy foods. And I couldn’t fit my skinny jeans anymore. That was the main reason I stopped eating. I didn’t want to get chubby. I feel like I’ve lost weight, but I’m too embarrassed to try the jeans on again. I only have one pair that fit now, and my mom doesn’t like me to wear them in public.

Well, that’s all.


A Kind-of Writing Update

Hey, it’s been awhile since our last writing update. There’s not much to report. I’ve only written 255 words today (so far) and that’s all since the last update. BUT!

I forgot what a concession stand was called, so I went to ask my mom and ended up asking “You know those things in an amusement fark…” I meant to say “park”, but I was also trying to say “food” at the same time. And I was trying to say “food” to explain the type of thing I was talking about. And then I tried to spell it like “confession stand”. My brain is officially fried.

No excerpt today.


Plot Twist!

I’m allergic to pistachios. My tongue is about 2 times bigger than normal and my throat hurts.

The worst part is that I LOVE pistachios. BUT NOW!!! Ugh, I thought eating better would make all these weird allergies go away!




(Not really, but I am going to rest a bit.)


(WHY do I always hear the “Merlin” theme thing. You know, after the “previously on”? Sword shing and all)


Hello! Things have been pretty sluggish here, mainly cause I have no idea what to poat about! There’s so much going on, but I don’t know where to start. Maybe y’all could be of help. All you have to do is click the type of post you want to see more of here, on Lordofthetrekkies.

My Sweet, Innocent Sisters…..

Hello, all! I have been meaning to do this post for a while now.

Today I am going to tell y’all a “story” about my little sisters- Xander, Pumpkin, and Diva. We all share a room, so there’s not many secrets between us.

Some time ago, my sibs got addicted to You know, that game with the weird snakes sliding around killing each other. Anyway, one night they were up late (again) playing their various games. For some strange reason, when they play video games they will talk, constantly. Here is a list of some of the more appropriate things they said-

Diva(age 7)- (In a deep, menacing voice) “Chad.”
Diva- (In a sweet singsong voice) “I killed two people in a row!”
Diva- (Panicked gibberish) “Noodndooo! Get away from me!”
Pumpkin(age 11)- “Alright Morocco, you’re next.”
Pumpkpin- “I killed Morgana.”
Diva- “You just made me die!”
Diva- “Stop, I will beat you up.”
Xander(age 13)- “You just caused me to die!”
Pumpkin(freakin’ is her favorite word)- (Over and over) “Give me the freakin’ tablet.”
Diva- “(Some gamer’s name) Hello! I’m gonna kill you today.”
Xander- “There are some beautiful men on here.”

I am now very concerned with their mental health, and my personal safety. Some days later I tried the game. It’s fun, but not worth the heart attacks Diva has over it. I’d much rather play Pokemon Platinum/Diamond or Minecraft.

I’m glad I finally got around to embarrassing the crap out of my sisters doing this post. It was a lot of fun.