So my dad bought 8 chickens this past summer, seven hens and a rooster. Recently they have found out they can fly out the top of the pen. So 9 times out of 10, the neighbors see me chasing a chicken or two around the yard. My younger siblings think its hilarious to watch :(. The only good thing is, I’ve gotten really good at catching them ;).
Ok. If your not laughing yet, here is another story.
This one takes place about a week before Thanksgiving. For some reason we had an air matress at my dads office, there was only 4 of us kids at the time. The 3 older girls and our first brother, he was like one or two. Anyway, we were playing on the matress, and my brother gets this wonderfull idea to jump on it. So he did, and hit me, with his head, right onn the lip. We weren’t homeschooled then, we went to a Christian Acadamy. The next day was our schools Thanksgiving party. Morning rolled along, and my lip was 5 times the normal size. We arrived at the party, and half the kids started to laugh, the other half acted worried to cover up the fact that they were trying not to laugh. It just got worse when it was time to eat. I had to pull my lip up out of the way so I could fit the food in my mouth. It was awefull. And now i can finally laugh about it, the other kids like to hear this story.
Laughing now? I hope so ;).