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Hey peoples!!!

We listened to The Avett Brothers the whole way.

So, for Mother’s Day my family and I went on vacation. It was awesome! We left before the BC of D- Butt crack of dawn- and arrived in Kerrville TX at 9:30 am. The first thing we did was go to Kerrville-Schreiner park, had a picnic brunch, hiked, and had fun.


My baby sister poses for a picture.

After this we went to our hotel, and took a nap till 4:00 pm. Then we went swimming, not for long though, it was freezing. When we were dry dry, we headed out for dinner. Once we were back in our rooms, we watched TV. GUESS WHAT! THERE WAS A MARVEL MARATHON! I would list them, but I’m to lazy….

Anyway, Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel. And, no joke, there was a guy who looked like Tony Stark. After we ate we drove through the hills, then headed home. Above all it was great, and I consumed a crazy amount of Dr. Pepper. .)