Who wouldn’t have done the same thing Boromir did?

Aaron Hastings

If I were to ask you who your favorite character was from Tolkien’s classic saga, the Lord of the Rings, I might get a variety of answers.

Some might say “Gandalf,” or “Aragorn,” while others answer “Frodo,” or “Sam.” Others still may claim “Pippin,” or “Gimli.” Rarely do we hear the answer of “Boromir.”

This is for a wide variety of reasons, the primary of which is near the end of the Fellowship of the Ring, and the beginning of the Two Towers.

For those not familiar with the books or movie adaptations, Boromir tries to take the One Ring from Frodo, and does not succeed. Consequentially, he is in a position to defend Merry and Pippin from the Uruk-hai of Isengard, and is slain.

In this context, he is built up both by Tolkien, and Peter Jackson in his films, to be an opposing force to Frodo…

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