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Hello peoples!

Today I am really just going to talk about random things. So get ready…


This is my bookshelf. I know, its messy. But you can pretty much see what kind of books I read, right?


These are the books I have finished or am currently reading. The top left one is The Last of The Mohicans. I am almost done with it and The Two Towers. As for the other two I’m done. P.S Just finished the first Hunger Games book for the first and last time.


  1. The Hobbit
  2. The Lord of The Rings
  3. Back to The Future
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness

These are the movies I love to watch over and over.


And I’m totally obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. I finished all the books and stories by Doyle, and I am reading them all again. I talk about him constantly, to the point where my younger siblings hate it.

Thanks to whoever read this far, hope I didn’t bore you! .)

Alex C.