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So, I’ve never done the Daily Prompt thingy-thang-thang before. Today it’s “Sing”. Since singing is one of my favorite past-times, I decided to give it a shot.

I’m always listening to music. In the car, at home, even in the shower. Of course I have my favorites, but there’s one that, to me, is better then the others. To The Sky by Owl City. I never really thought about the words and what they might mean, until I was getting ready to write this post. I googled it and this came up. But I want your opinion.

I think it means to never let the world get you down. That you are capable of amazing things, and no one else can tell you what to be. No matter what other people say or think or do, you can be what you want. You’ll do great things that will maybe help people and change lives.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far, hope y’all liked it. And don’t forget to comment what you think it means! .)

P.s. Does anyone else see George McFly?

This was written in response to to-today’s one-word prompt.

Alex C.