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Recently I removed an excerpt of a story I was writing. Almost immediately people started asking what happened. Well, here’s why it’s no longer there: I’m taking a break from Max and Alex. I haven’t given up, just need a break to regroup. I was so upset that I couldn’t go past 1258 words. I kept running into dead ends. I didn’t know if I wanted multiple POVs, or just a third-person story. Then I wasn’t sure what should happen next. So I’ve started something new.

    Introducing Finnnew (3)

In a nutshell:

Sammy, the POV, is the new girl at school. She’s having trouble making friends, so her uncle/guardian buys her the perfect BFF- an android named Finn.

That’s all I’m gonna tell about the story-line. I’ve got six definite characters, and a cover. (See above.) That makes me feel so professional to have a cover. I know, that’s weird. But I’ve never been that far into it before. I’m hoping that this one will work out. .)

See y’all later!

Alex C.