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Some time ago I asked for y’alls opinion on what kind of posts you wanted in the near future. I will still be posting as I used to, I just wanted one that y’all could look forward to. Here are the results of the voting:

Meme Monday- 9 votes

My Fandom Talks- 7 votes

Fashion Friday- 3 votes

Movie Review/opinion- 2 votes

Song Review/opinion- 2 votes

TBR- 2 votes

Book Review/opinion- 1 vote

A big thank you for those who voted!

Now, can you guess which one won? 😉 So, starting on Monday June 13th I will be posting one meme a week. You can continue to expect the other posts I might want to publish, I’m not changing that. Again, thanks.

Later peoples!!!!! .)

Alex C.