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Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tom Petty, Blues Traveler, Dixie Chicks, and Johnny Cash. One doesn’t expect young children, toddlers really, to be singing these, let alone know the lyrics. In my early years these made up most of the music we listened to. A better part of my time was spent dancing to Ring of Fire, Pride and Joy, Long Time Gone, and Free Fallin. We, my two younger sisters and me, had an old computer in our room, on said computer were hundreds of songs, by dozens of artists. For hours a day, we would listen to ALL of it. While listening we would play, read, or dance. One of our favorite past times was making “music videos” with our Brat dolls. Over the years more and more songs and artists were added to the already huge list, Maroon 5 (only one or two songs, don’t worry), The Avett Brothers, Adele, Dave Matthews, and Bon Jovi. Most kids my age never listen to Johnny Cash, and have probably never heard of Blues Traveler. Please tell me that at least some of my readers love these artists. .)

Here are a few of my personal favorites-


I hope ya’ll enjoyed! Later guys!

Alex C.