Rainbow Book Tag

Hello my lovely peoples! I was hanging out at (Over)Analysing Literature when I found this. Such an amazing blog, and equally great answers, so what are you waiting for?!


  1. Choose book covers from each colour of the rainbow. Books that are your favourite from that colour! If you can’t find a book of a certain colour then choose a cover that has that colour on it somewhere.
  2. The choices have to be books you own and/or has to be the exact edition you read.
  3. TAG some people to do it!



This is really one of the only red books I have. But all the same, I love Anne of Green Gables!


IMAG0025   Who doesn’t love Dork Diaries?


Mr. Pudgins  IMAG0026

I have no idea what color this was originally, its been yellow as long as I’ve had it. 😉



Hatchet is one of my top 20 favorite books, the cover is in the top 30.


IMAG0029 Although I have lots of blue books, this is one of my favorite classics.


The Dragon of Cripple Creek is probably one of the best I ever read as a younger kid. And its the only one that would work here.IMAG0030


IMAG0031 In case you couldn’t tell by the wear and tear, this is my #1 favorite classic. If you’ve read it you might understand, if you haven’t, then I disown you for the rest of the week. 😉



Again, who doesn’t love this?



Yes, I am aware that this picture stinks. To be fair I was holding a really unhappy 8 month old. The name of this book is Katie and The Mustang #1 by Kathleen Duey.


IMAG0036 LOVED this book! Except Jack…. (Shudders)



I actually haven’t read this. It just sits on my shelf, every now and then shooting me dirty looks.

 The people I tag-

Johnathan Fisher


And any one else who might want to! 🙂

P.S All these pictures are of my books and bookshelf, which I am pretty upset with right now. It’s not BIG enough! I just bought like 20 new Nancy Drew books, but I have no where to put them! 😦

Alex C.


Published by AlexCharming

Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Book Tag

  1. neat post ! … current black book is Dennett’s “Intuition Pumps”; white book is Paulos’s “Innumeracy”; a bunch of brownish-sorta’ old math text books (around 1850) used for my blog … others, but am busy with other stuff so can’t gather the rest of the rainbow right now …

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