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Sorry for the lack of posts, school started for us at the beginning of September. So far I haven’t had to do much math (thank god! It’s not that I’m bad at it, math is just boring to me. I’d much rather read). Today my Watson and I were playing legos, I call my younger sister Watson, and it was soooooooooo much fun! I miss getting to play with her, when we were younger (and free) we would play Lost with our Bratz dolls. Most of them still have the names we gave them then. Like Kate, Sawyer (he’s a cop), Juliet, Jack, Ben, Shannon, and we used to have Desmond, but we changed his name. Now we both have chores, school, and littles to deal with, so we don’t get to play that often. For school this year we’re doing notebooking, you know, researching stuff, writing it down, then doing a presentation. My subjects, that I can remember, include ancient Rome, Character Study, and Astronomy. Sadly I won’t be focusing on Reading :(.


Sherlock Holmes is AWESOME!!!!! All of you reading this post, go read The Hound of The Baskervilles. Right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex C.