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This past weekend me and the three other girls took a Sherlock character quiz. I said that if any of them got Holmes I would strangle them (you know, fun sisterly bonding time). Here are the results-

Rose (age 11)

sherlock chuckie chicken.jpg

Watson (age 13), I didn’t save her results, got Mrs. Hudson (that is her name, right?)

Me (age 15)


and Diva (age 6) got Mycroft Holmes.

No one was strangled (she got away before I could get my hands on her), and all in all we had a great time. But there’s just one thing I don’t understand- WHY DO I KEEP GETTING THE WORST POSSIBLE RESULTS?! I have done this quiz at least 7 times, and all I get is Adler and Moriarty. Every other quiz I take I get a villain- Regina (once upon a time), Gollum (LOTR), and Nightmare Moon (MLP). 😦

Alex C.