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Is it just me or is creating so-called “background characters” super hard? I’m actually plotting this story, and things were going great until I got through with my main peoples. I have maybe 5 supporting characters and 7-8 main ones. Then nothing…..

Geez, I suddenly saw, in my minds eye, the Lost thing. You know, at the beginning of the episode when the screen goes black and the white letters come floating up? That. Just. Happened. (As an after thought) In my head.

Anyway! Does anyone else suffer from this?! I’m, like, totally freaking out over here!


The thing is I’ve gotten so far on this. I have the main outline for the story done, geography is done as well. The only problem is that there is no one to carry messages, or make up the army that comes later in the book, or cook, or clean, or motivate, NO ONE! Ugh. So how’s your year going so far? 🙂

Slowly losing my mind,

Alex C.