Average LOTT Follower- “What?! Alex is trying to copy other bloggers?!”

(LOTT stands for Lordofthetrekkies, in case you couldn’t figure it out)

I’m not copying anyone, I’ve actually been thinking of doing a monthly TBR for, well, months. One of my new years resolutions is to blog more, so here we are.

OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Should I do a post about my new years resolutions? Comment and let me know please!

Anyway, this month I have four books lined up-

tbr   Is it possible to fall in love with a book cover? 😉

Image source

Image result for the lost world arthur conan doyle cover  I have only ever read Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, so this is a really big deal for me.

Image source

  Ten times the charm, right?

Image source

  I have the first three books in this series, #1 was okay.

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Those are the books I’m planning on reading this month, wish me luck! (Or a broken leg, that would give me more time to read ’em)

Alex C.