Planning Max (sort of)

Recently I’ve tried planning the books I wanna write, which is really big. The reason I’m trying to change from Pantser to Plotter is because I can never seem to finish any project I start. And also cause I’m working on a 9-ish book series. I have a rough outline for most of the books, and I set a goal for Max 1 (this isn’t going to be the name, I just don’t have one yet). Its a monthly thing, meaning that at the beginning of each month I take into consideration all the stuff going on in my life and I make a spreadsheet~goal~list~thingy that helps me keep track. Here’s the one for February-

02/01/17 404 400
02/02/17 500
02/03/17 500
02/04/17 500
02/05/17 500
02/06/17 500
02/07/17 500
02/08/17 500
02/09/17 600
02/10/17 600
02/11/17 600
02/12/17 600
02/13/17 700
02/14/17 700
02/15/17 700
02/16/17 700
02/17/17 800
02/18/17 800
02/19/17 800
02/20/17 800
02/21/17 900
02/22/17 900
02/23/17 900
02/24/17 900
02/25/17 950
02/26/17 950
02/27/17 975
02/28/17 1000

As you can see, I’m very behind. And the 400+ words I did on the 1st are just a bunch of random scene’s revolving around Max’s younger brother, to be fair I wrote it in just a couple of hours. Anyway, thats how I’m planning on doing most of the first draft. Write a ton of scenes completely out of order, then string them together and see how it looks.

And anytime I have writers block I just go to WikiHow. Theres so much stuff on Wiki about writing/planning, its been invaluable to me lately. Here is a list of all the articles I’ve found useful-

  1. How to Get Started Writing a Book
  2. How to Write a Short Story
  3. How to Be a Decent Story Writer
  4. How to Be Successful at Writing
  5. How to Boost Your Writing Productivity

I’ll only do five for now, but these have been the most helpful thus far. Another way I help myself write is to listen to music. I actually have a playlist on my Kindle called writing, and another called Max. Some of my favorite songs to write to are-


Ain’t No Man by The Avett Brothers

As Long As I Have You by Dove Cameron

Bad Day by Daniel Powter

Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks

Daydreamer by Adele

Difference Maker by Needtobreathe

Dream On by Aerosmith (Half my life is books, written pages…)

Family by TobyMac

Feel The Light by Jennifer Lopez

Foolish Games by Jewel (this is where I first got the inspiration for Max, many years ago)

The Greatest Sum by The Avett Brothers

Hello by Adele

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

Hometown Glory by Adele

Hurt by Johnny Cash

Landslide by Dixie Chicks

The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd

Laundry Room by The Avett Brothers

Mirror by BarlowGirl

Murder in the City by The Avett Brothers

Near You Always by Jewel

One More Round by BarlowGirl

Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Rise Again by Needtobreathe

She Walked Away by BarlowGirl

True Love by Jordan Fisher

When The Rain Comes by Third Day

There, now ya’ll know whats being listened to behind the scenes of Lordofthetrekkies. Interesting assortment of things, isn’t it?

This is me down  on my knees,



Published by AlexCharming

Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

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