A World of My Own- Imaginary Friends

For about a year or so I’ve been making imaginary friends based on characters in movies, books, and TV shows. I made a couple of posts featuring Regina and Harrison over at alescharminglooks, and I would like to do more in the future. Anyway, they are all under 25 years of age, and their the sons and daughters of said characters. I’m such a geek-


Aaron (17), and Ashley (16), kids of Aragorn and Arwen from LOTR. Aaron fights with a broadsword, while his sister prefers a longsword. These are two of the first I ever made and it kinda shows.

Delilah Pallida (15) is the daughter of Azog The Defiler and Morgana Pendragon. I know what your thinking- How the heck did that happen?! We~ell, Morgana uses her looks to get guys to do what she wants, and Azog, well, is Azog. Her weapon is a Sickle, a sort of scythe-like blade. And she has magic like Morgana.

Felisha (15) is Fili’s kid from The Hobbit. She doesn’t have a mother at the mo, and she uses a longbow.

Gale (19) and Gunther (19) White are the twin kids of Gandalf The Grey. They don’t have a mom either. Gale uses a Falchion-


But I don’t know what kind of weapon Gunther should have.

Frost Baggins (5) is Frodo’s daughter. Again, no mom. She fights with a sling.

Goldina Oakenshield (16) Thorin’s girl! I personally think this was a stroke of genius. Shes kinda short, with a temper to match. Not very fond of jewels or “fine” clothing, Goldie is more of a tomboy. Her weapon of choice is a longsword, like Ashley. (Hehe, did you get it?)

Kiara (15) and Killian (15) Half-blood. Their parents are Kili the Dwarf and Tauriel. Kiara has a huge battle axe, like this one

Image result for battle axe weapon
From Pinterest


Killian has a blade called an arming sword, which were very popular in the old days.

aarons sword.jpg
From Pinterest

Leia Green (20) is Legolas’ only kid. She uses a recurve bow and is best friends with Killian and Kiara.

Samantha Gamgee (16) is Samwise Gamgee’s daughter. Frost is her best friend.

Takara (17) is daughter of King Thranduil from The Hobbit. A katana is what she fights with

Image result for katana weapon

From Pinterest

Her name means “treasure or jewel” in Japanese. P.S her nickname is eyebrows ;).

Griselda (15) is Gimli’s kid. Her and Leia don’t seem to get along very well.

Borris (19) is a spawn of Bolg, and Azog’s grandson. He’s quiet, well mannered, and his favorite pass time is reading story books to the younger kids. 😉

Hannah (11), one word, ready? HALDIR!!!!!!!! Whew.

Paisley Took (13) is Pippin’s daughter.


Syrena Medax (18) is Sauron’s daughter.

Thats all the LOTR/Hobbit kids, onward and yonward!

Ashley (top left), Delilah (top right), Felisha (right below Delilah), Gale (first on the second row), Goldie (middle second row), Kiara (last on second row), Hannah (beneath Gale), Takara (beside Hannah), Samantha (under Hannah), Syrena (first of last row), Paisley (last on last row).

Come back next week for more!!!!


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Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

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