A World of My Own- Imaginary Friends

Here is the second post of my new series A World of My Own, you can see the first one here. This time we will be diving into my most recent obsession- Harry Potter. I tried really hard to give them names that meant something to the characters.

Harry Potter kids

Lily (15) and Prince (16) Snape. Gee, I wonder who their dad is? Since Snape was my #1 favorite character in the HP series (I just might name one of my kids Severus, his middle name would be Draconus), and my new book-ish crush, I put a lot of thought into who his kids were. Lily takes after him in Potions, but shes much nicer and loves kids. Prince is more like his dad when it comes to personalities, but his strongest subject is Charms. These two are a couple of my favorites, and Lily is my best friend.

Tarrent Dumbledore (17). Tarrent as in the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, the White Queen is his mom.

Agatha Filch (14) is the daughter of Argus Filch and Madam Pince. She is a neat-freaky bibliophile who can’t stand kids. Hehehe……

Milligan McGonagall (17) is Tarrent’s best friend. He’s slightly less strict then his mom, but only a little.

Harper (14) and Harvey (14) Potter they are younger then Harry. I still see him as 15, books 5+ DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

Vivian (19) and Tom Morfin (17) Riddle. I gave his son the name he HATED! Ok, so far no one has had very extraordinary gifts/powers, although they all have some sort of ability, I just haven’t bothered with them so far. Vivian can control the dead. As in, she can make them get up, walk around, even tap dance if thats what she wanted (Inferi anyone?). But she is incapable of hating anyone or anything. BTW Vivian and Tarrent are kinda together. BTW again, Bellatrix is Vivian’s mom.

James Black (15) Sirius was my second favorite. James has black dog ears, a tail, and the ability to turn into a dog (think Animorphs). He can also speak to animals.

Henry Weasley (14) I’m not sure if hes a one of the Weasley kids, or a kid of one of the Weasley boys. But if I did make him a kid of one of them, I would make it Fred.

Helga (13) Greta (12) are cousins. Helga is Hagrid’s daughter, and Grata is Grawp’s.

Romulus Lupin (15) is the son of Remus Lupin, Tonks is not his mom. He is a werewolf, kinda like Remus, but he can change when he wants to, and he can control his wolf self.

Simon Pettigrew (1) get it? Simon-Peter? Its a Biblical thang. Anywho, Lily takes care of him, like an older sister.

Marcellus Malfoy (14) is Draco’s brother. I just LOVE that name!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of these guys. 😦

See you soon! Like Wednesday or Sunday!



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