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Hello my peoples, I’ve missed you.

My computer charger broke and wordpress wouldn’t let me post anything using my tablets. I have been here though, silently watching you. (Is it just me or have I gotten a little bit creepier lately?)

In my short exile I gained two new obsessions-

The first one is Pinterest. If I’m not reading, doing dishes, or sleeping, then I’m probably looking at crap like-

The second is


I don’t have a picture yet, I’ll post one later, but so far my collection has three coffee mugs. One is a mug with a Dream On verse on it, another is Star Trek, yellow-green, with this quote-

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

Tis truly beautiful, but my favorite is my S mug. Its got a big red s on it, for Sherlock, and I use it solely for milk.

Whats been going on with y’all? Stick around, I was tagged/nominated for something .). And I still have characters to post about!!!!