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Heyo peoples! My computer broke earlier this weak, about a third of the screen is cracked, so I am having to write this using my Kindle.

Any who, I found this tag at Thrice Read and it looked too good to pass up. Onward and yonward!

1. Choose a word that would describe you as a reader.

Diverse, that’s from Mama Charming. But it fits. I’ll read anything and everything I can get my hands on.

2. What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

Lara and The Grey Mare by Kathleen Duey is the first chapter book I can remember reading. It really paved the way for everything else.

3. Hardcover or Paperback?

I’m not really picky here, but I kinda prefer paperbacks cause their easier to carry around.

4. How has reading shaped your identity?

Reading has opened up whole new worlds for me. Its made me more open minded.

5. What book do you read when you want to be comforted?

Any book from A Series of Unfortunate Events. They help me realize that life could be way worse ;).

6. Who influenced you to be a reader?

There was a teacher at the Christian academy I used to go to who taught me how to read. She would work me and even gave me books well above my grade level cause I had read all the grade appropriate ones.

7. Describe your dream reading lounge.


There it is, no description needed.

I tag Icebreaker694 for this, as well as anyone else who wants to!