Book Review: Greetings From Nowhere

Rating- ♥♥♥♥♥

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Title- Greetings from Nowhere

Author- Barbara O’Connor

Published- 2008


Aggie isn’t expecting visitors at the Sleepy Time Motel in the Great Smoky Mountains. Since her husband died, she is all alone with her cat, Ugly, and keeping up with the bills and repairs has become next to impossible. The pool is empty, the garden is overgrown, and not a soul has come to stay in nearly three months. When she reluctantly places a For Sale ad in the newspaper, Aggie doesn’t know that Kirby and his mom will need a room when their car breaks down on the way to Kirby’s new reform school. Or that Loretta and her parents will arrive in her dad’s plumbing company van on a trip meant to honor the memory of Loretta’s birth mother. Or that Clyde Dover will answer the For Sale ad in such a hurry and move in with his daughter, Willow, looking for a brand-new life to replace the one that was fractured when Willow’s mom left. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that Aggie and her guests find just the friends they need at the shabby motel in the middle of nowhere.

Why ♥♥♥♥♥?

I bought this book several years ago at our local Dollar Tree. I fell head over heals for the Sleapy Time Motel within the first few chapters. My favorite character, by far, is Willow. All the characters are relatable, realistic, and flawed (which I like), but Willow is more ME. Her love of horses, how she attaches so much value to something as ordinary as a pair of pink plastic sandals, and also how she gets how much Aggie loves the motel, all make a 3D character that springs to life. This book shows how even complete strangers can shine a ray of light into your life. Like Loretta. Almost always happy, and wanting to make others happy, shes so sweet and generous. It also explores people who have problems at home- Kirby. He is on his way to a school for “bad boys”, and as things happen and he makes friends with Willow and Loretta you begin to see a change in him. There is no difference in his home life, but hes making friends and realizing that he doesn’t have to act up to get attention.

Willow took the letter and ran around back and sat on the steps. She looked down at the envelope in her lap.

And then she got a bad, bad felling because she realized she had been wrong.

You can fool a person.

You can fool a dog.

You can fool a cat or a horse or a teacher or a friend.

But you cannot ever fool a heart.

No matter how many letters from Dorothy she wrote, Willow’s heart was still going to ache.

I love this part cause shes going through the pain of her mom leaving and her parents no longer loving each other, and shes trying to make herself feel better because no one else seems to care. And she knows that it won’t work.

Aggie’s hand fluttered up and adjusted her glasses. “Well, you know, life marches on. And sometimes we have to join the parade whether we want to or not.”

Aggie is having to leave her home cause she can’t keep up with it anymore, and she is trying to explain to Willow why she has to leave. Its so amazing how Aggie is faced with all this and Willow, who has her own set of problems, is doing all she can to make her feel better.

Greetings from Nowhere is a very well written book, with a great cast of characters, and it holds a special place in my heart.

Is there anything I didn’t like?



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