So, our dog Brownie had puppies yesterday! Unfortunately one of them was stillborn and got stuck. We, meaning Mamma Charming, Watson, and I, had to help our exhausted dog give birth. It was not fun. Now we are at my dad’s office with two lil pitbull/blue heeler mix puppies. NEWBORN. PUPPIES. One boy named Severus, and a very chubby girl named Dudley. I’ll admit their cute, but this happens way too often. Up til now its been just kittens, my mom ha never helped a dog have puppies before. Anyway, our day is pretty crazy. We have to spend the night here and my dad and kid #4 are at a church camping trip. Yay. I just hope it doesn’t storm tomorrow cuz Watson has a dance thing to do downtown.

*Sigh* I’m on my third DP today. We are so very tired. Keep the puppies and their mom in your prayers!