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Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

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  1. Favourite colour is red. Favourite ship at this exact moment is Jamko (but I have a ton of ships). Favourite ice cream flavour is rocky road, probably. I like a lot going on in my ice cream. I do not have a cat.

    As for the first question, you’ve read my blog, which means you already know far too much.

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  2. Alex…My name is Suze (Suzan on the stupid birth certificate)… I am a former drug counselor/battering interventionist/parole office….married for donkey’s years to poor suffering George..two adult children off Lord only knows where doing Lord only knows what. I have 2 Cats. Pyewacket and Theodore J Mufflestump…Teddy for short. I really don’t have a favorite color as I am drawn to almost every color there is..I do rather hate olive drab and dirt brown though. My favorite ship is the Starship Enterprise…probably because I can’t think of any other ship to list! I adore French Vanilla ice cream…especially in a root beer. I am kind of boring when it comes to ice cream. Hope the rest of the 98 actually respond to this..I want to know who else has cats. lol

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