Some of you may have noticed that I don’t respond to most comments here. And if I do, its mostly along the line of “Thank you!” I might add a .) or a 🙂 , but that’s it! The reason behind this is that I never know how to respond. Seriously. You’re probably thinking “But why not pretend you’re talking to someone face to face?” In public the #1 thing I say is “I’m fine, thank you.” No lie.


Random person (probably my youth pastor)- “Hey Alex, how are you doing?”

Me- “I’m fine, thank you.”

Another random person (probably my crushes cousin)- “Hey Alex, wanna come sit with us?”

Me- “I’m fine, thank you.”

Yet another random person (maybe my crush or his best friend)- “Alex! Come play with us!”

Me- “I’m fine, thank you.”

It varies, of course-

Random mother (Ugh, there are two that try to talk to me every. Single. Wednesday. I would like to enjoy my solitude alone please!)- “Hello darling, how’s your mom doing?”

Me- “Shes fine, thank you.”

Youth pastor or another random mother- “How are all the kids doing?”

Me- “They’re fine, thank you.” (I’m probably thinking something like “Why must they all ask like their mine?!”)

I have actually used this phrase when asked other things-

“Hey, did you see that new [insert whatever new movie is out]?”

Me- “I’m fine, thank you.”

So, it seems that I have become Spongebob (I couldn’t find a “Hi, how are ya?” gif!).

The moral of this story? Don’t be offended if I don’t respond to your comment, I’m just really bad at communication.