The other day I was going through some old papers trying to find something, I can’t remember what, when I came across my old birthday wish-list. I found four pages of it (there was originally like six). Now I will share my discovery. And I will be keeping the original spelling ,) .

My B-day wish list!!!!!!!!!!

  1. My own ponie (and acsesorys)
  2. 20 New Bratz
  3. All the La-La-Loopsies
  4. A PHONE!!!
  5. A pit bull
  6. A monkey (What the crap?! Why would I ask for a MONKEY?!)
  7. A Laptop (small)
  8. A new video camera
  9. 10,000 new books (I haven’t changed here….)
  10. Toy toyota truck
  11. mini fridge (Face palms)
  12. granny’s store back (I still want this, but I know it’ll probably never happen)
  13. to see [insert old friend’s name here]
  14. my own skate park (Oh yes, very realistic and down to earth!)
  15. Squinkies
  16. Pet shops
  17. A golf cart (Oh yeah. We are gonna cruse in style!)
  18. swimming Pool
  19. 10 pounds of candy (Your hips are going to hate you, kid.)
  20. t-Rex skeliton (toy) (Cause I had to make sure they knew I didn’t want a real one.)
  21. huge toy Plane (Hahahahaha! Yeah right! Even if I got one I couldn’t fly it! I suck at trying to get things like this to work.)
  22. go to Disney world (Bye bye dreams! With seven younger siblings? Ain’t happening!) 
  23. Raidio Alarm Clock (You wanted an ALARM CLOCK?! You sleep till 9 every flippin morning!)
  24. A tree house
  25. 50 cokes (I wasn’t allowed to drink coke when I was younger, this was a rebellious moment)
  26. Bild a Bear
  27. 3 DS games
  28. 6 wii games
  29. A horse thats all Black with a white mane an tail
  30. 70 huge lemons (I was weird, ok!)
  31. New bike tires
  32. Roler Skates
  33. A tent
  34. tea-cup poodle
  35. teaset
  36. Sleap number bed (Now we’re talking, lil’ me!)
  37. mobile home (and again with the weirdness)
  38. Play Ground
  39. huge water slide (To go in my pool, obviously.)
  40. hot tub
  41. I Pod
  42. Legos
  43. my f.f (I was really confused here, but then Xander cleared it up. It means Furreal Friend.)
  44. Pillow Pet
  45. Blue Beding (I prefer black)

The other list I found was a tad more realistic-

  1. Tolkien’s World coloring book (Check)
  2. The Complete Sherlock Holmes book/stories in Hardback (Check again!)
  3. New Kindle fire HD with camera (Its pink)
  4. A black Arabian/QH(Quarter Horse)/mustang colt
  5. The Hobbit Hole lego set
  6. Star Trek Into Darkness poster
  7. Harry Potter books 5+ (Have ’em)
  8. Wolves of the Beyond 2+
  9. All Goosebumps I don’t have
  10. Go Set a Watchman
  11. DS Pokemon- Soul, Gold, Silver, Black+White
  12. New DS (not DSi/3DS) black
  13. DS cheat device (I’m so proud!)
  14. Star Trek/LOTR/The Hobbit/Narnia socks
  15. Dish washer (I’m the one who has to do the dishes here. It’s pretty horrendous sometimes. Plus the sink is so short that I have to bend over to wash stuff.)

And there it is. My crazy younger self asking for the impossible. Maybe I’ll do a post on my current wish-list?