Hey peoples! Sorry for the past week, I kinda fell of the face of the earth for a while 😉

I’ve been thinking about some post ideas for Lordofthetrekkies, and I think I’ve got a few good ones-

  1. Character Reviews Instead of doing full on book reviews I will be reviewing characters.
  2. Completely one-sided debates concerning things in various fandoms and such I’ve already started on one that I’m very excited about-

Professor Remus Lupin is a Wolf-Man, Not a Werewolf

and I have quite a few good arguments on this point. I also have another one (its not really a debate, more like a funny haha post) about how I am the Female Sherlock. But anyway, I love to argue. Unfortunately no one in my family feels the same 😦 So I will be boring you guys with my “debates”. Oh, I have finally figured out whats wrong with me! Its called-
I-am-far-away-from-my-peoples-(who have all congregated at Tumblr [where I am not allowed until I’m 18 and out of my parent’s house])-and-I don’t-have-anyone-to-fangirl-with-itis

Yes, its a real thing. It is more commonly known as loneliness. (This is all relevent to the posts mentioned above)

Another idea for a post is-

A monthly Q&A

If I decide to do this I will make a page solely for asking me questions.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Before I forget- I have a new Goodreads group called Teen Writers that is for peoples under the age of 20 who love to write! (You can join even if your 20+, I’m not picky)

Ehhhh. I can’t think of anything else to talk about. Plus its 10:34 here. It would be nice ti fall asleep before midnight.


I just had another idea for a post series!


Whenever I have a really good/funny/scary dream I’ll share it here! I am a genius! ,)

Well, goodnight. What do you think of my little ideas?