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I haven’t really mentioned it, but I’m working on a book. It’s the first in a series. Anyway, I planned it out, made an outline, and started writing sometime in June. When Camp NaNo rolled around I decided to use this book for it. And boy, was that the best idea I ever had! My ultimate goal is about 10,000 words and I just passed the goal set for today. I’m at 1452 words and 847 of that was done today! And guess what else!

At This Rate You Will Finish On- July 28, 2017 

I’m ahead for once! And the day is still young-ish. I could get so much done! So, to celebrate, here is a small excerpt-

Realm Jumping is not very pleasant at first. It feels like your insides are being stretched and tucked and pulled, your skin feels like molten metal, and your brain is turned on over-drive. All of which is actually happening and not just a way of describing how it is. And when its over your body doesn’t understand whats going on or what just happened to it. Sam opened her eyes, and promptly closed them again. Her brain was still scrambled and couldn’t make out what all the colors swirling around her meant. After a few seconds she tried again. This time it made sense. They stood at the entrance to a huge amusement park. Everywhere you looked was color; red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and a few that Sam had never seen before.

That’s not much, but I don’t want my ideas to get stolen. (That’s just draft #1, so its not really all that great, but I’m still getting there!!!)