Yes, that is what I have decided to call The Jumper book that I’m working on for Camp NaNo. Yesterday I wrote a total of 1,912 words, bringing my total count to 2,517 words. I’m very pleased with this, BTW. This is the farthest I have ever gotten on one project! Here’s another short excerpt-

There was no way she was letting that happen to her sister! But how? How could they leave? Jumper could go anywhere, how could they outrun him? It came suddenly, as though someone had thrown on a switch in her mind; she would make Ann go and say that she had no idea where she went. It would take some acting, but it was a hope. And that was all Sam needed. She opened the stall door and there was Ann, dressed in her bathing suit. Sam hesitated; should she tell her? No, Ann would be safer if she didn’t know.

Again, not much. But that is the last bit I wrote yesterday. (Still just the first draft) I’ll keep y’all updated!