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I’ve set my word goal to 4,100 words for today, and I met the goal I set yesterday at 3,505. I’m doing pretty well so far, much better than I ever thought I could. But anyway, here is today’s excerpt-

Hey! My name is Phan!” The speaker was a young man, he looked human, wearing swim trunks and a “Welcome to the Oldest Waterpaer EVER!!!” T-shirt.

Hi?” Sam was unsure whether or not they were allowed to talk to anyone. The last thing she wanted was to make Jumper angry again.

Can I help you two with anything? I know all the best rides, where to find the best food, and I can even give you a discount for the spa!” He seemed genuinely excited about everything. “Or, if you want information on the history of the park, I’m fully qualified to tell you about the past eight thousand years!”

Not much right now. I’m really tired. Later!