Sorry for the lack of writer-y-ish-ness. I haven’t been able to get much done on TOWPE (aka, The Oldest Waterpark EVER!!!), until today! Today I wrote 1,040 words, bringing the total to 4,588 and leaving just 5,412 words remaining!!!!! I’m very happy and proud. Now, for today’s excerpt-

Sam stepped in, closed the door behind her, and turned around. A gasp escaped her lips; the room was gorgeous! And huge. Directly in front of her was a grand staircase made of a dark wood, on both sides were arched doorways, the one to her left led into a massive library, and the one to her right led to a kitchen (not a kitchenette, like some of earth’s hotels had. No, this was a full-blown kitchen, complete with oven, sink, and a fridge). The floors were of the same wood as the stairs. She inched forward, amazed that this was a hotel room. Up the stairs she went. At the top she gasped again. There was a sitting room here, full of chairs, coaches, and tables. And everything was dark; black, gray, blue, purple, all of it dark and muted. It was beautiful!

Not very good, but it’s still a word in progress. I keep wanting to go back and edit while I write, but I know that if I do I’ll never get it done.  GTG, see y’all!