Hello, all! I have been meaning to do this post for a while now.

Today I am going to tell y’all a “story” about my little sisters- Xander, Pumpkin, and Diva. We all share a room, so there’s not many secrets between us.

Some time ago, my sibs got addicted to Slither.io. You know, that game with the weird snakes sliding around killing each other. Anyway, one night they were up late (again) playing their various games. For some strange reason, when they play video games they will talk, constantly. Here is a list of some of the more appropriate things they said-

Diva(age 7)- (In a deep, menacing voice) “Chad.”
Diva- (In a sweet singsong voice) “I killed two people in a row!”
Diva- (Panicked gibberish) “Noodndooo! Get away from me!”
Pumpkin(age 11)- “Alright Morocco, you’re next.”
Pumpkpin- “I killed Morgana.”
Diva- “You just made me die!”
Diva- “Stop, I will beat you up.”
Xander(age 13)- “You just caused me to die!”
Pumpkin(freakin’ is her favorite word)- (Over and over) “Give me the freakin’ tablet.”
Diva- “(Some gamer’s name) Hello! I’m gonna kill you today.”
Xander- “There are some beautiful men on here.”

I am now very concerned with their mental health, and my personal safety. Some days later I tried the game. It’s fun, but not worth the heart attacks Diva has over it. I’d much rather play Pokemon Platinum/Diamond or Minecraft.

I’m glad I finally got around to embarrassing the crap out of my sisters doing this post. It was a lot of fun.