My Nine Lovely Sims

Hello, and welcome to another Sims update!!!

In my last update, I told you about my first two Sims- Sam and Thomas Harrison (they are now married and have a child).

Now that it’s been about a week, I thought it would be nice to tell you about how things are going.

My town is worth 501,511 Simoleons and has-

  1. 5 houses (all of which are occupied)
  2. a park
  3. a fire station
  4. the career and hobby shop
  5. kids store
  6. an art gallery
  7. a police station
  8. a stable
  9. and a real estate agency

I have 7,871 Simoleons and 13 Lifestyle Points, so I guess I’m doing pretty well.

Now, to the Peoples of Alexville!!!

I now have 9 Sims-

First up is Jumper and Calypso Smith-

They live in a pretty nice house, Calypso is a level 3 police officer, and Jumper is halfway to being a level 2 artist. They’re doing well, I suppose.


Next up is Ann and Ian Walker-

These two live in the second nicest house in town. Ian is a Real Estate Agent (level 2) and Ann is an Artist (level 2). They are waiting for their first child to arrive, still over 23 hours to go.

Now, Sam, Aydyn, and Thomas Harrison-

The Harrisons live in the nicest house I have. Aydyn is still a baby, but Sam is baking a birthday cake (still 23 and a half hours). Both Thomas and Sam are level 1 Firefighters.

Cassien Hunter-

He lives by himself in a nice house. He’s also a level three police officer. There’s not really much to say about him…

Dan Howell-

Yes, I named a Sim after Dan. He also lives alone, I haven’t been able to make a Phil yet, and doesn’t have a job.

So yeah, there’s an update on my Sims. I’m working on the “Complete Home Take Over” and the “It’s All Going Swimmingly” quests. I completed the weekly quest (somehow) and bought 40 Lifestyle Points. 

LOTT post breaker


That’s all!

I have to go to a church event tonight at our local “duck park” and my crush will be there. The event is three days long and today is the second day. Yesterday was sooooo embarrassing. I found out that I can’t flirt. But, fortunately, neither can my crush. We are both so hopeless. And Xander isn’t helping. She keeps giggling and poking fun at us (very loudly and obviously). She has promised to leave us alone tonight, so I won’t have to deal with Harry-


That is exactly what it’s like. She knows that we like each other, and enjoys seeing us uncomfortable. Of course, I now know the Identity of her crush, so I can (and have) use this to my advantage.

So, I’ll try to post again soon. (Maybe about how tonight goes?)





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Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

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