Yep, I’m turning 16 this Saturday! Me and my family are going up to Arlington and the surrounding area. Our plans are to visit the Fort Worth zoo, have lunch at Pappadeaux’s, and then head to the Texas Thrift Store. If any of you live in that area, and don’t have anything better to do, I’ll be wearing my fedora-

I will also try to wear this outfit. The jeans are ripped at the knees, and the purse is now pretty worn out. Anyway, we’ll be at the zoo early, maybe around 10-12 am. Pappadeaux’s 12-3 pm, maybe. And Texas Thrift Store anytime after that. We might head over to the Half-Price Books across the street. But, I would love to meet y’all!

LOTT post breaker


You know that Q/A post I’ve been raving about? Yeah, I’m going to be doing a video instead of a written post! I might also be vlogging in the near future, so I’m very excited!!! I don’t have enough questions yet, so please head over here to question me on my life choices and other things.

I’m so excited!!!!!!!