Am I Groot?

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The home video release of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume” 2 is upon us, so I really wanted to do a Groot DIY project! I wracked my brain for weeks trying to come up with something original: though the galaxy is large, the internet has certainly made our corner of it seem very small. I often feel that every original project has already been created, so I was thrilled when this Groot Gloves DIY popped into my mind. This happened in the shower, of course, where all my good ideas seem to begin! Being a mother of two small children, I don’t get much time to think, so I must confess that I use more water than I should as I tend to get lost in the blissful solace of my thoughts in the silence of the shower! But I am getting way off track here…

After a quick Google search, I was beyond thrilled: I couldn’t find this DIY anywhere! I’m not saying that no person in the history of the internet has ever made these, but it seems that not many have, if any, and that fewer still have shared anything about them on the interwebs. How exciting!

With newfound enthusiasm, I loaded the kids up for a trip to the craft store, devising a plan to create these lovable gloves! As I designed and crafted them, Groot’s adorable character really started coming out! This got me thinking again: just what is it about Groot that makes him such an endearing character? After all, his vocabulary only encompasses three words over the course of two movies (okay, okay, five words if you count the “We are Groot” toward the end of Volume 1), and not many characters can get by with that and still be considered relatable or emotionally deep!

For me, I think it’s a lot of things: Groot is a loyal friend, he dances like no one is watching, and his childlike mannerisms melt my heart! For his lack of words, his expressions effortlessly convey his feelings – he really wears his heart on his sleeve. His voice inflection can make you laugh or make you cry along with him even though those three words are the same every single time.

Taking this a step further, studying what makes Groot, well, Groot, kind of forces me to think about my own expressions and mannerisms. As I do, I realize how very much our communication is rooted (okay, pun intended) in our actions and the ways we take them. Even though our vocabularies are rarely so limited as our tree-like buddy’s are, in truth, what we say often takes secondary importance to how we say it. The way we talk to people almost matters just as much as what we tell them!

For instance, my son’s eyes positively LIT UP when he saw these Groot Gloves for the first time, and he didn’t need to vocalize his thoughts for me to know that he wanted a pair of his own. Naturally, he used LOTS of words to make sure I knew he wanted them, but my joy overflowed with the look on his face and the excitement in his demeanor as he expressed his excitement about this project! He has plans for me to make each family member a pair of their own Groot Gloves, and am certain that his exuberance will carry him through the process of helping his Mom make three more pairs!

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Now that our case study has come to a close, I hope you’ll join me in creating some simplistic joy by making your own Groot Gloves! Head on over to my post at where you’ll find step-by-step instructions and a free printable pattern to ensure your Groot comes out looking great!

Thank you so much for checking out this post! My HUGE thanks goes Alex for allowing me to share my thoughts with you today; I Am Groot!

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