Beautiful People- August


So. I’ve seen this around for a while, but was too lazy to check it out. UNTIL NOW!!! (I’m supposed to be doing school, but I’d much rather watch Dan and Phil playing Mario Cart)


Beautiful People is hosted by Sky @ Further Up and Further and Cait @ Paper Fury.

Thank you for making this, it looks pretty cool. Now, lets begin!!!

This month I will be talking about Jumper from The Oldest Waterpark EVER!!!

What are they addicted to/can’t live without?

Coffee. But, it has to be good coffee. None of that cheap crap.

And his jacket. It’s almost as old as he is, and it’s made out of scraps of past friends favorite clothes. (That sounded weird…)

Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character.

Three positive-

  1. He’s smart
  2. He’s funny without realizing it
  3. and he loves cats

Three negative-

  1. He is overprotective
  2. He has a horrible temper and can get very violent
  3. He’s a huge know-it-all

Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?

Not really. I mean, there’s the jacket, but that’s more of a way to honor the dead.

If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?

5? He’s not tidy, but he’s not horribly messy either.

What most frustrates them about the world they live in?


He’s a realm jumper! He doesn’t live anywhere, so I don’t know how to answer this!

How would they dress for a night out?

The same as always-

Orange dress-shirt, blue tie, neon green pants, brown leather boots, his special multi-color jacket, and purple top-hat.

How would they dress for a night in?

Read above, but remove the dress-shirt, boots, and top-hat.

How many shoes do they own, and what kind?

There’s his brown leather shoes, the black patent leather shows, and the yellow cowboy boots. (He likes leather, he thinks it’s cool)

Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?

Well, he likes cats. But realm jumping isn’t safe for animals, so he usually settles for humans.

Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?

There’s another realm jumper who wants Sam. They do no get along!

What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?

Coffee, chocolate, powdered donuts, microwave popcorn, and a wide variety of chips. He carries all this around in the pockets of his jacket.

LOTT post breaker

And that’s all! I hope y’all liked it, I had a ton of fun!!!


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