A Bunch of Posts I Started, But Never Finished (AKA, Lets See How High Alex Was)

Heyo!!! Today we are going to delve deep into the unknown! So, put on your seat belts and lets go!!!!!

We’ll be going oldest to newest and I won’t edit or add anything

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A World of My Own- Imaginary Friends (7 months ago)

Hey guys. I know its been awhile since I’ve done anything more than tags and awards. Sorry for the lack of good posts, I’ll try harder (no promises though).

This is the third post of my series A World of My Own. Pretty long post today.

Marvel Kids-


Flash and Regina Thunder are Thor’s kids. Flash is 19 and has a hammer similar to his father’s. Regina is 15 and fights with a weapon like Kai’s from Kung Fu Panda 3, except her’s are purple.

Chet Lokison and Vara Malum are Loki’s kids. Chet is 18 and Vara is 16. Darcy, from the Thor movies, is their mom.

Micki Fury is Nick Fury’s daughter. Shes 14 and uses a wide variety of knives and guns.

Nathaniel Banner is the son of Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner. He inherited his father’s anger problems, but he’s also trained like Tasha. Hes 18, and is based on one of my friends from church.

Toni Stark is Tony Stark’s daughter. She’s really smart and has many of her dad’s personality traits. Toni is 16.

Peggy and Jim Rogers are the twin offspring of Steve Rogers. Their 17 and both have shields like their dad.

Stephenie (Stevie) Barnes is the 13 year old daughter of Bucky Barnes.

Phylis A. Coulson

Silver Maximoff

Stella D. Quill

Mary Kate Maximoff


(OK, not so bad…)

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Some New Blogs I found…. (4 months ago)



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Pumpkin Pie (4 months ago)

A couple weeks ago I bought a little pumpkin pie from Walmart. Unfortunately I am slightly allergic to pumpkin, so Xander, being the sweet, horrible sister she is, hid it from me. I FOLLOWED HER AROUND THE HOUSE FOR AT LEAST FIFTEEN MINUTES LIKE-

(I think the original, intended gifs are needed here)


And then I slowly evolved to-


She finally gave it up, and I ended up with a massive stomach ache.

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A Writing Update (Hello again, Max) (3 months ago)

Yep. I’m working on the Max books again! I just finished planning the first and second (I’m making it a trilogy) and I’ve been doing a ton of world building and character work. The actual writing hasn’t started yet, I only just picked it back up yesterday.

List of posts that talk about these projects (for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about[they aren’t in order])-

MAX IS BACK!!!!!! (I used way too many !)

Planning Max (sort of)

Is that all?! I couldn’t find any more! Huh, anyway!

I’ve been looking through

(Wait! What was I looking through?!)

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“Hi.” From an extremely bored and uncomfortable Alex


I’m not even going to apologize this time. I’m tired, sore, frustrated, and on RED ALERT. This morning was Park Day with the local homeschool group. I stayed at my dad’s office and read for almost two hours while the other kids went and basically bathed in their town sweat.

Anyway! I have about a dozen tags/nominations to work on, but I probably won’t do much today.

I’ve decided on a project for NaNo this year and the plot and characters are coming along nicely. I’ve been on Pinterest and watching Dan and Phil on Youtube.

And the woman in here talking to my dad said “nickels”, but it sounded like “nipples”? I am now laying on the floor, trying not to laugh too loud.

The Next Day (Wednesday) 6:09 pm

Still miserable. And still watching Dan and Phil and staring at Pinterest.

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Wow. Most of them weren’t nearly as bad as I feared. Except the last one. OK then. Thanks for tuning in!



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