We are Iced In!!!

Yep. It’s 22 degrees right now and it snowed. Not much, but it’s more than we’ve seen in years.


Anyway, the roads are iced over and our van won’t start. We’re stuck here. Together. For a loooooong time. Again.


But hey! On the upside we’re all feeling better! AND I’ve read like five books already this year, I have more time to write, and we completely redid the kitchen, so now I don’t have to bend in half to wash dishes!

Wow, look at me, being a little optimist.

My dad just walked into the kitchen saying “Hey, I have to go to work now.” And mom and Xander just laughed.

And then Xander said (imitating someone calling mom) “Um, your husband is making snow angels in a ditch.”

Which made my dad do his drunk dolphin laugh.

The one downside to being stuck here is that the antenna stopped working and my sibs say it’s all my fault that they can’t watch their Vietnamese soap opera.

But I’m like “Y’all don’t speak Vietnamese!” Yet every single one, from Xander down through Mason will sit and watch it.

Oh, I cut my hair again! .) My mom also bought me a dark green dress at Cato. I wanted to get a dark green Dean-looking coat that I could wear under my trench coat and be the ULTIMATE WINCHESTER!!!!!!

But, sadly, even on sale it was 25 bucks. *Sigh*

LOTT post breaker

M’k, story time!

Last Wednesday, in Youth, my youth paster (lets call her Dixie) split us up into teams of three. Our goal was to make a tower using just newspaper and tape that would support an egg. The tallest tower wins.

So I got paired with two boys (Trump, a Hispanic boy who loves to make people laugh, and Smooth, who thinks he’s irresistible. [I grew up with both of them, btw]) They were freaking out cause they didn’t really know what to do. After about five minutes of mulling this idea over, I spoke up,

“What if we tape the egg to the ceiling and build the tower up to it?”

They looked like two year old set loose in a candy/toy store with no supervision.

They started squealing and rolling up newspaper and making a tower of funnels. We made it almost to the ceiling before Dixie called that we only had a minute or so left. So they used strips of tape to anchor the egg and set it in a nook near the top.

Long story short, we won.

Not only did we win, we were the only ones with newspaper left. So, naturally, I took one of each kind. Cause, ya know, I’m secretly an old lady in disguise.

But Ginger was FURIOUS! He kept saying we cheated, so we took down the tape the tower stayed up.

And that’s all!

Love y’all! Stay warm!

(My Alex thing isn’t working, so-)

Alex C.

Published by AlexCharming

Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

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