No, this isn’t a joke. That is literally my life right now.

Yep. I got a job. yay.


I work 4 days a week and earn 8 bucks an hour. Which I guess is ok, but I don’t have time to do much besides work, dishes, and God only knows what other chores my mom has me do. So, blogging, reading, and pretty much every thing else have been shoved to the back burner till further notice.

Not that I’m not reading. I’ve read like 15-20 books so far this year. And I’ve bought 70. So books aren’t really shoved that far.

I’ve also become obsessed with a game called MovieStarPlanet. It’s actually really fun, you get to dress up a little avatar, trade with people, and go shopping. My acc is AdrianMcCoy. (Ya know, if any of you guys play…)

AND!!! My tablet is broken, so until I get it fixed Some Semi-Charming Sims will have to be put on hold.


This is our evil cat. She’s actually much bigger now.

All my bookshelves.


Some of what I got for Christmas.


We finally watched Ragnarok. Mason and Gayle LOVE it. Mason’s favorite is Loki and he told me that Loki had fixed Mjolnir for Thor. BTW awesome movie.

I’m halfway through season 8 of Supernatural.

And that’s it! I think? I’ll do a book haul on ACB soon.

Love y’all!!!