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Yo guys!

Welcome back to my failing-miserably-at-writing series!

Last time I think I said something about BC being set in Dallas, New York, and Montenegro?

Scratch Dallas and Montenegro off the list. I’m rewriting the whole dang thing. The new settings are just New York and London. I’ve been doing a crap load of research about everything to do with these places (which my dad says is unnecessary. Um, I’m pretty sure I’ll need to know the most common car models and colors in London. Thank you very much)

It’s slow going. I’m keeping most of the beginning, but it’ll be heavily edited feom it’s original form. At least 3 characters are being completely changed, and I’m running out of Sharpies and sticky notes.

Anyway, I know where B will be staying, eating, working, which streets she’ll walk/drive down, but not what airports she’ll be using. Thats the most frustrating thing for me. I’ve never been on a plane, or even in an airport, so I’m basically going off of other book and movie experiences here. Any of you have suggestions?

K, I think thats all I’ll share for now.

Ty for reading! .)