Shiki| Anime Review


I’m back with another anime review. This time I am delving into a horror, so please be careful.

(I asked my sister how to describe Shiki, and she said “The only good horror anime, ever.”)

Shiki are vampires. Ya know, pale skinned, drink blood, burn in sunlight, etc.

This show is set in Sotoba, a small, secluded village in Japan. The main characters are Natsuno Yuuki, Megumi Shimizu, Sunako Kirishiki, Toshio Ozaki, and Seishin Muroi.

This story is incredible. It’s not black and white. There are no heroes, no villians. It’s all up to you to decide who you think is right. The Shiki or the humans……

Age rating- 13+

Very violent, scary, and there is one character (female) who is not dressed appropriately sometimes.

The violence is very graphic, lots of blood and gore.

Anything innapropriate?

That one chick, mentioned above, is just about it. Lots if cussing, but not worse than a Marvel movie.

Theres a few innuendos.

Sub or Dub?

Again, I love them both.

But dub wins, mainly because 4 of my favorite VAs are in it.

Natsuno (Jerry Jewell)

Seishirou (J. Michael Tatum)

Masao (Todd Haberkorn)

Tatsumi (Ian Sinclair)

1-10 Would I recommend?


Thanks for reading!

Have some Tatsumi!!!

I hope you have a wanderfull day!

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