5 Horror Animes You Need to Watch!

Heyooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!Good day to you, my fine fellow weebs! (or Otakus, which ever you prefer)I’m in the mood to share some of my favorite horror animes!

#1- Psychic Detective Yakumo

Yakumo is a young man with a red eye that can see the spirits of those no longer living. Like Sixth Sense.I’ve only watched 3-4 episodes, but I love it so far!Plot and characters are solid.

#2- Another

If you like buckets of blood, ghosts, suspense, and outlandish deaths, then Another is just the thing for you!But seriously, this is the show that made me afraid of umbrellas…..

#3- Monster

No magic, no ghosts, just a psychopath living it up by ripping your heart out.ALL HE WANTED WAS A CLOCK!!! WHY?!?!?!I’ve only seen an episode and reach one volume of the manga, but it’s really good!

#4- Parasyte

Think Venom, but it’s restricted to just your hand.Izumi’s life has really changed since he met his little ‘friend’.This is the perfect show to watch when you’re home alone at night.

#5- Shiki

Ah yes. My favorite horror, ever. I still get nightmares from this.Here’s the review I wrote.

So that’s 5 horror anime you need to watch!Thanks for stopping by!

Published by AlexCharming

Alex is the oldest daughter of 8, soon to be 9, kids. They are all homeschooled. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and working outside. Alex is currently working on her first book.

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