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Why, hello there. Fancy meeting you here?

Over my many months of hiatus I have watched 7 anime. I meant to post sooner, but my anxiety got the better of me šŸ™‚

I won’t make any promises, but I am writing up and scheduling reviews on these and am also gonna try to make 2 new pages. My anime TBW and Anime I’ve watched.

Servamp is abount a 15 year old boy called Mahiru Shirota. He likes to live life simply, even going so far as to try to do everything himself. Mahiru lives with his uncle after his mother passed away years prior, but his uncle is hardly ever around.

One day Mahiru picked up a black cat he believed to be a stray. He gave it the name Kuro.

On his way home from school, his good friend, and official “story teller” of their friend group, Sakuya tells him of rumors about a vampire that’s been attacking people.

Knowing better than to believe his wild story, Mahiru laughs it off and goes home.

There he finds out, rather comically, that the cat he took in is a vampire shut-in.

I’m not gonna go on any more on the plot, but let’s just say Sakuya knew what he was talking about.

Servamp is now in my top 10 favorite anime of all time. After finishing the anime, I read some of the manga. Although the anime did leave out stuff and switched others around, it’s still really good.

Age Rating- 16+

Lots of blood and violence. One character keeps trying to strip (never even gets his shirt off). Cussing.

Sub or Dub?

I’ve never seen any of the sub. I mainly started watching it because Tsubaki is voiced by Micah Solusod.

The dub is spectacular. Clifford Chapin did an amazing job with Mahiru.

1-10 Would I Recommend?


Amazing. I love how complex the characters are, and how it’s hard to decide which side is right or wrong.

Thank you for reading, I hope I did this show justice. Once I get my hands on the manga and finish it, I’ll review it too.


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