Hello, it’s me….

Alex Charming is a 15 year old girl who lives in the realm of fantasy and legend. She has 7 younger siblings siblings, all of whom are homeschooled, and a very loving mom and dad. She enjoys reading, writing, playing solitaire and rummy, drinking coffee, playing Sims, Minecraft, and collecting cups. Her personality type is INTP.

Alex’s favourite books-

  1. Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer
  2. Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements
  3. The Hound of The Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle
  4. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling
  5. The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
  6. Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
  7. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
  8. Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
  9. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
  10. Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Alex’s favourite music-

  1. Below My Feet by Mumford and Sons
  2. Ghosts That We Knew by Mumford and Sons
  3. Dream On by Aerosmith
  4. Near You Always by Jewel
  5. Foolish Games by Jewel
  6. Find My Love by The Avert Brothers
  7. When The Rain Comes by Third Day
  8. The Boxer by Mumford and Sons
  9. Hurt by Johnny Cash
  10. Reminder by Mumford and Sons

Alex’s favourite movies/TV shows-

  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Merlin
  3. The Lord of The Rings 1, 2, & 3
  4. Star Trek Beyond
  5. Star Trek The Original Series
  6. Lost
  7. The Hobbit 1 & 2
  8. The Avengers
  9. Captain America Civil War
  10. Brave

Alex created this blog as an outlet for her love of all things dorky. She is a devoted Christian who is happy to discuss her beliefs with anyone.

What to expect from Lordofthetrekkies-


Monday- Meme Monday


Wednesday- Awards (if I’m nominated)


Friday- Tags


And random stuff that I can’t really schedule.


Alex C.



See more of meΒ here

46 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me….”

  1. Hello AlexCharming,

    Its God is Eternal 777. I think that it is a good thing that you have such a passion for reading and music. Like you, I also have an interest and hobby in music, reading and drawing. Currently, I have started writing about this young Christian girl name Alexandra who has to struggle with her killer instincts drilled into her and kinder, gentler and compassionate side of her; all the while going to school and being trained in the Celestial Army as a warrior.

    Also, its good to talk to another Christian who believes in Jesus. Keep blogging. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for this blog.

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  2. 7 younger siblings check, Homeschooled check, 15-year-old check, Christian check, Good grief that’s creepy how similar we are. I will be looking forward to reading your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey there! You’ve got an awesome blog. I’m a Sherlock and Marvel fan too. .)

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  4. I love that fact that you are an avid reader and book lover a such a young age. Your family seems awesome. Hope you keep writing.

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  5. I like legos ,too!

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  6. I’m glad I found you! I love the Meme Monday series, by the way.

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  7. Hey there. That’s a lot of siblings! It’s normal for you though. I always wondered what having a sister felt like. Anywho, thanks for liking my comment on the Community Pool!

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  8. Found you though the community pool and instantly loved your content! SO fun and friendly πŸ˜€

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  9. zoe2600 said:

    Hey I love zootopia

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  10. Hi Alex! I am a mother of nine kids – 6 girls and 3 boys. My youngest is 12. πŸ™‚ Even though I am older than your mom, I find that you and I have the same interests. I am definitely a nerdy (dorky) mom. We just bought a new family van…unfortunately Nick Fury’s armored Chevy was not for sale (although it wouldn’t be big enough anyway). I love that you include scripture in some of your blog posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. You sound like a very interesting young man πŸ™‚ half of your obsessions mirror some of my own interests (and I can tell you, my family LOVES Sherlock Holmes). Its refreshing to discover a young man who loves books and writing. Keep at it :)))

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  12. I looked at your site a few days ago and you had a story that seems to have disappeared…I hope it doesn’t mean you’ve given up on it.

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  13. Well, you did like my community pool post despite the warning I’d hunt such down et voila…but with a personal favourite of LOTR….errr….impossible not to follow now my friend….simply impossible…looking forward to engaging more here πŸ™ƒ

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  14. Hello from a fellow homeschooler!! I’m out of school now but was homeschooled most of my life. Also I have a cat named Willow! πŸ™‚

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  15. Haha, I can relate. Or is it really a teenage thing?

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  16. Hello there! I nominated you for this thing, which you can do if you want to. No pressure, though! https://overanalysingliterature.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/sunshine-blogger-award/#more-960

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  17. What a great site. Good on you for embracing your geekiness. I wish I’d done that when I was 14!

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  18. You’re almost the same age as my daughter (she turns 16 in October) I’m absolutely jealous of your big family. Christmas must be so much fun for you all. Now that my kids are older I absolutely think I should have had more, but at the time, I felt a little overwhelmed with three so give your parents bit of a cuddle because they deserve it! Keep writing and good luck

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  19. You sound like a really awesome person, Alex! I am totally with you on 5/7 of the things on that list! (You can try and guess if you like). I was homeschooled too, from 7th grade onward. Just graduated. I binge watch the show Murder She Wrote, but I haven’t given the books a try–my library has a ton of them. Hmm…maybe I need to remedy this.

    What are your pets’ names? (Leave it to me to ask questions about the animals. Always).

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  20. theworldisnotagainstme said:

    I love both the Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit. I love your blog. I’m exactly the same age as you. Anyways, I think you are awesome. Follow.

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  21. You sound like a really sweet girl, Alex. It’s nice to meet you. I’m probably your mom’s age, but I enjoy reading different blogs no matter what the age of the author is. It’s refreshing to see so many talented young people who enjoy writing. Keep up the good work!

    Following πŸ™‚

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