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If you happen to take a look at my blog, leave a comment below! And rate this blog 1 through 10! The comment should look like this…..

________ was here!

Rating 10

“Random facts and messages go here!”


25 thoughts on “Leave Your Mark”

  1. Forgot to tell you… I’m bookmarking your blog!!!

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  2. Avalon Blumenthal was here! I give your blog 9/10. I really love how it is formatted and customized! Did you have to pay any money/make upgrades to your blog to get it to look like this (it’s awesome)?

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  3. Ethan Connell was here.

    So far 9 1/2

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  4. mark Schwartz here … couldn’t find away on your birthday posting to make a comment so l’m leaving my mark …. happy anniversary of your birthday … and enjoy all the days in between too …


  5. … mark’s leaving his mark … rating is 9.8 because you’re still growing into the 10! … i’m a very eclectic reader and right now i’m reading the koran … people talk about it but don’t really know much beyond what is filtered through the media … and some good writers … so far, the key to the three major religions is (as far as i can tell) obedience to god … hum?


  6. Thanks for following my blog and sharing some posts! I hope you find a blessing

    And anybody that likes and follows me just be a 10 LOL


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  7. 9.99999%…….your site is the most diversified one I’ve seen so far; I’m just starting to blog and I am truly impressed with your setup, different pages, and content.

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  8. you sound (write read) like a truly magnificent young lady…never lose your enthusiasm for life and KEEP WRITING……you have a gift. my grandchildren are homeschooled and I think it puts them way ahead of the game of life, I wish I could have homeschooled my children…..God bless you. how are all the kittens doing?

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  9. seanna was here,
    LOVE your blog
    Rate 9
    GO DORKS;)

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  10. Healing through Photography said:

    Ravneet was here!
    Rate 8!

    Hey Alex! I was just cruising through your blog and I gotta say, it was so much fun. I love the community feel you got going here and how you encourage interaction. Great job putting your blog together!

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  11. Suze was here….rating is 9.0 I needed to be different and nothing is ever perfection.

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  12. Chloe was here!
    Rate: 9.75 (because nothing is perfect)
    Random message: there are actually 3 proper plurals for the word octopus. Since octopus was originally coined in English, it would naturally have the proper English plural, “octopuses.” However, there was a mistaken belief that octopus was a Latin word, causing people to persist in pluralizing it as “octopi.” Technically, octopus comes from ancient Greek, however, and thus, “octopodes.” Even though the plural with etymological basis is the boring old “octopuses,” there is enough precedent that octopi and octopodes can also be used. My personal favourite? Octopodes.

    (Random fact about me: when I’m feeling awkward in a social situation and don’t know what to say, I end up rattling that little bit of trivia off. I hereby pass it on to you, my esteemed fellow citizen of the Land of Dork. May you get as much use out of it as I have done.)

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  13. Nick was here.
    Rate: 10
    Your blog is great and i like that you have favorited lotr. if your interested in reading another book theres something i’ve been wanting to read but havent gotten the book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demi-Gods_and_Semi-Devils

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  14. Alex was here!
    Rate 9.5!
    Your blog looks awesome and I love it! Also, thank you for your comment on my blog. I REALLY appreciate it! And also, DORKS RULE!!!!!!!! (Not sure if I fall under that category or not, but they are still awesome!!!) πŸ™‚

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