8 Homeschooled.

Hey. So I’m homeschooled, so are my 6 other brothers and sisters. And there’s another little boy on the way! Squee! Being homeschooled is fun and way better than public school, our mom teaches us. At the moment we are learning about Europe. We finnished Asia a few months ago,  I am not a huge fan of Asian food;-). Raw beef doesn’t sit well with me. I do Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschooled.com for math and reading and stuff like that.

My Goals

All right. So I think it’s time to share my goals with all of y’all.

  1. Get 50+ followers before December 31.
  2. Have 100+ views before October 30.
  3. Get 150 visitors before January 14.
  4. Get 200 likes before February 12.                                                                                           Thank you, if you decide to help me reach these goals!

Movie Theater Laughs

I was watching The Battle of Five Armies with my friend A,C in December. There were these girls sitting behind us, and they had obviously not seen The Lord of The Rings. During the fight with the goblin mercenaries, when Bilbo hit his head, my friend said casually “Oh no, he’s dead.” They started sobbing uncontrollably. We couldn’t help but laugh. To this day that is my favorite movie experience.

Star Trek

Hello fellow Trekkies! I’m not the biggest Trekkie out there, but I do love all things Star Trek!        Spock is my number one favorite! But Kirk and McCoy are close seconds!


The Avett Brothers

“Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.”

Calling All Dorks


Hi, I’m Alex Charming! I am a MEGA dork, I love Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Narnia, Star Wars, Marvel superheros, the Hobbit, and the Rangers Apprentice. I got tired of all the profanity online and decided to create a fun and clean place for all. ENJOY!!!

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